Saturday, February 18, 2017

Small time Buccaneer loses a leg. Hearthstone

So if you haven't seen a few cards in Hearthstone appear to be getting hit with the old nerf bat. I have a link to an article that has the details for anyone who casually or not so casually has picked up this game. I have picked it up the last few months and one major selling point is how fast and clean the digital system is.. Also you can play it on like any device... which is nice.. Phone, computer, tablet, other thing?

So here is a link to the official details if you haven't seen,

I'll drop some thoughts in my article below...

So the major take away is that a few cards are getting the nerf bat but also they are removing some solid staples from the format and moving them into the wild format. Things like Azure Drake which was basically a starting point for almost any deck.

I won't go into the details of the changes because the article goes over everything pretty clearly but I do feel like this is a great direction. The format currently in ranked play is basically ruled by some flavor of a Reno Deck or some Flavor of a Pirate deck. Pirate warrior and Aggro Shaman are arguably the top builds of last month/season.

With the Reno card about to drop off my buddy and I have been predicting a very boring super Aggro heavy meta until something shakes it up. I would guess the guys at Blizzard felt the same ways because a ton of the changes seem to also point to them nerfing aggro decks and to trying to push away from the cookie cutter decks you get from net listing or just generally.

Not sure if spirit claws are more balanced at 2 casting cost or if
people will drop them from builds I personally feel like 2 cost for a 1 damage
weapon is steep.. but testing will tell.  

The change to ranked really piggy backs on this idea with no fear of falling you might be willing to experiment a bit and run some different cards or play something a bit more fun than aggro from time to time to test the waters. I've been currently running a Shaman Aggro last month and this month I shifted to Shaman Jade Evolve because that deck was pretty fun to play and I had most the cards to make it. I tried several version of the deck before I landed on what I am currently running but that could be another article all together. The seasons are super short so losses can be brutal in the game. I don't have the time to truly grind, so I personally usually end up Rank 11 since I started playing.. maybe this month I'll break to 10 for the first time! Goals right? lol

Thoughts are welcome in comments below.

Oh yeah.. its a bit dusty and this isn't my traditional content.. But I plan to start writing things again, I miss writing articles. Instead of a explanation we are going to just jump into dropping content again. So any requests for article subjects are always welcome as well.


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