Tuesday, April 29, 2014

STC crawling from the Grave with Dark Future intentions

This is a transition post as I said in my last post I would put something up to kind of direct you where I plan to end up as I move forward. After much talk with a few friends and some time off I have decided I'll be working with Lantz and the rest of the STC crew to slowly rebuild that site to the evil glory we had almost become...

Someone came in and sniped our original web address out from under us to basically not use it as far as I can tell. (Why would you do this?) So if you go to you get a shell of old posts that is like a graveyard and not the fun kind. Our new address became but due to the process we lost all our links, and blog roll love we had gotten basically Destroying our traffic or connections with friends as I like to say. If you are on my blog roll I plan to migrate you to the STC blog roll as I rebuild that as well. I know a few people use my blog roll to jump around so you will be able to still do so by going to the other site.

I'll be contacting people in a few weeks to try and repair the damage moving forward and spending more time over there rebuilding so to speak. I will then be posting regular like in that location.. I also plan TJ willing to become a guest writer on Dark Future Games, so that I can drop an occasion article over there. It's one of my favorite sites, and TJ and the guys are all great people I enjoy talking with.

So in short if you are following Emperor's Codex please take a moment to follow (If you aren't already) to follow my random nonsense and hobby adventures as this site continues on its path to be shut down.
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