Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Farewell the Emperor's Codex

Yes as the title suggests the site is already in the process of being moth balled and stacked on some shelves with the piles of kits still in a box we all store because someday... someday. I had originally planned to finish the 3 or 4 articles I have floating in various forms of draft and announce this at the end of the new series. However I have kids and thus I am usually off schedule a bit haha. With Adepticon just around the corner I have decided to move up my deadline.

The Emperor's Codex has had an amazing run, done very well, and for a one person show been a blast. However it was never intended to be a one person show in the long run. The site has gone through multiple changes in direction since I first set the thing up. It has been a Grand MAD experiment in networking, blogging, marketing and the such. I have met too many awesome people to possibly name them all from tirelessly playing around on this site. However the people I had originally intended to share the site with have since been pulled in other directions do to real life reasons. I don't want to forge my own narrative, I have learned a ton, and would be perfectly happy being apart of another community and not trying to build my own world. So it has finally run it's course and I feel it's time to move on.

My goal is not to vanish from the blogging community. The plan is take some of my regular series and migrate them to a new home in the near future. So my INSPIRE posts, Convention or RTT pictures, rumor run downs, and model progress perhaps, and interviews will hopefully find a home elsewhere.  I will put out some feelers or bother some of my fellow bloggers until I can find a home to regular or semi regular do some guest writing. That's right, Drkmorals is going all MERCENARY on blogging.

But... BUT DRKMORALS that is freelance or Guest Writing.. it's not called MERC writing?

SHUT UP YOU, when Drkmorals does it,, it's clearly MERC writing OF EVIL!!! not some sissy freelance.

I am not sure exactly where I would be a good fit, I do already have some guest writing abilities over on 40k Global, I enjoy those guys and that podcast,  however the direction they are going with the post guidelines is really hard for me to fit my writing style into. So we shall see. Also clearly I will always drop in at STC from time to time, although that site has had a few set backs as well honestly. At the least I will find someplace to post Adepticon comments and some pictures in the near future.

So a large thank you to everyone who follows and randomly stops in to read my nonsense. There will be a future post that says where you can find me before the blog itself vanishes at some point. As always comments or emails are welcome.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Do the Imperial Knights Break the game?

Ah yes, welcome back to my corner of madness dear readers. I have taken a short break from the blog while I caught up on real life. I have a ton of projects abound, and thoughts that I have been dying to post but I have a direction at this point so I wanted to start with some quick thoughts on the new Mini ME Titans.

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