Friday, February 7, 2014

The Las Vegas Open Pictures from the event!

The Las Vegas Open is going on this weekend! I couldn't make it this year but my buddy Norman is on scene and sending me random pictures.. I'll see about posting them as I get them, let's see what he saw last night..

Lots of tables and lots of room the gaming hall looks great! 

One of the perks is that gamers who attend will get first hand to try out the new gaming Mat that Reece and Frontline gaming will be selling in the near future! Those things make the tables really pop!

Yep I am sold I want to pick up a few in the near future!! 

This Axe being signed by several people or possibly everyone is going to be last place prize I believe once the dust settles.. A neat idea but I don't know how great it is to have the signatures of everyone who beat you from a event? Maybe only Internet famous people are signing it? Or Game designers? I am curious to hear what it is?

Awesome Trophy of bragging rights!! Look at the marines pose! Totally cool

blurry picture but I believe these are beer hats, that will be the prizes for beer hammer winners!!

My buddy Norman with Reecius! He should be hanging out with Alan pajama pants B(some other letters go here) If you see him say hey, and make him take a picture with you! lol. Keep the pictures coming, also since you're in Vegas and I am not.. I hate you... =P

If you are playing in the event GOOD LUCK to you!! Also take a couple pictures and email them to me! =P

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