Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Test models zombie vixens.

Super busy so I haven't been able to post updates as I am working on stuff. Wargames Factory have some pretty solid models at a great price. I did a review of of some wargames Factory stuff some time back... However after I attended Adepticon this last year I ended up with 70+ of these Zombie vixen models. I figured I can use them as a Chaos zombies I mean why not right they could possibly be deamonette stand ins if need be too.

Anyway I threw together a test squad to see what I thought about the models.

The arms are very mix and match and I am not sure how I feel about some of the head sculpts just yet but over all it seems like a pretty solid kit. 

I then painted one up real quick. 

I think I will wash the hair a bit, and maybe slightly weather the skin to give it a bit of a grimy look or add some shading so it isn't as shiny. I haven't decided how I feel about the models yet.. They should work without any issue but I feel my army lacks theme. Perhaps I could just go with all nurse's and build a silent hill theme? Does anyone know some great nurse models in 28mm?.

Anyway any thoughts or feedback is welcome.

I have been updating my models too trying to get at least close to ready for FrostyCon next weekend. So I'll see about getting some of that progress posted in the near future too. 


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