Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some last pictures of the Las Vegas Open

Last set of pictures from the Madness that was the LVO! I want to shout out to the guys over on Front line gaming I have heard nothing but positive things about the event so far! I am looking forward to trying to convince the wife I have to go lol. Anyway onto some more pictures!

Our buddy Norman playing his Tau against a double Helldrake zombie CSM build

Some very nice Counts AS Helldrakes. My props to the owner always nice to see cool custom stuff.

Custom Defiler I believe. From the same army. Maybe a Soul Grinder? 

oh yeah check out that awesome display board Norman is using. He slaved away hours on that. =P

Tau Crons VS Ork Crons!

Apoc game

This titan has a cool tail! The picture that shows the back is blurry though. If anyone knows the owner please email or comment I would love some better pictures of this thing. 

Another Cool Titan for the Apoc game

Some top 8 Armies. I believe this is Alex Fennell's 

 Thud Gun Spam I believe this army has 36 blast shots a turn is what I was told

Beast Star

You don't see pastel marines every day

Alan's Beast Star playing round one of the top 8

And that's it. Thanks to Norman for shooting pictures randomly through out his time there. 

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