Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Pictures from The Las Vegas Open

So our man on the Scene, who is most likely hung over at this point has been randomly providing more pictures of the event going on.. I have been trying to post the better one's. (Note when you have a event in Vegas people don't notice if the pictures they take are blurry.. possibly due to blurry vision)

Looks like the Tau Army posted by Next Level Painting from the Forge the narrative podcast.. The army really pops with the green color scheme. I however don't know if it's Kenny's army or a commission. Always nice to see great battle field and painted models though. 

Looks like a few people showed up with Nids. I believe they are allowing you to choose which NID codex you can use for this event, which I thought was cool and a nice send off.

The planes in this picture actually have LED lights in them. It's just hard to make them out.

Chaos Demon list of some type? Doesn't look like a standard build you normally see. Very cool how the purple star really pops. 

I believe this is the table war guys and I believe the Guild Painting Service.

I haven't a clue what these crazy looking models are from or for? They look kind of like some cool drop pod long range cannons?

Great shot at the level of terrain on the tables

A room full of people that could be gambling or at the strip club. Nothing says event success like when people choose your event over gambling and the strip club right?

This is Norman's list he is running which is a cool list concept. I'll post the detail of it later. 

This blurry picture is a Beer Hammer game, which has cool rules like.. The beer on the table is actually the objectives. However you can't hold them if they aren't completely empty by the games end.. It's a little blurry and I normally take out the really blurry pictures I am sent, but in this case I assume this is what the table looked like to the players too. So really we are just passing on the experience to you guys. 

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