Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weathered Vendetta Complete!

The holiday break is over, and while I took a step back from the blog while dealing with holidays and spending time with family it's time to start trying to get through this back log of content I have been meaning to get posted. So let's start with a couple quick snaps of my finished Vendetta. These are just some quick and dirty snaps with my phone mind you. I will see about maybe getting the light box out and taking some actual nice pictures in the future to throw up on the site.

I went with a red for the cockpit because I wanted it have something in common with my INQ forces and I wanted the cockpit to really stand out from the rest of the plane drawing your eye to the central part of the model. 

I will admit that I learned a few things along the way on this project as well as experimenting a bit with how different thickness of the sealer impacts the weathering differently. I still got the final result I was looking for though. Over all this came out great and will be my color scheme for all my IG Allies as I build them going forward.


  1. Thanks guys, I really feel like the last year has really shown me some new skills painting. I am excited to see what I am able to crank out this year. I have several projects lined up already. Let's see what I can actually get too lol.


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