Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret Weapon Miniatures- Bone Fields bases Review

I could have easily titled this post JUMPING on the Resin Base bandwagon, however I figured that would be pretty vague and not easily found for someone on the fence about picking up some of these bases.
Anyway I have been looking to upgrade the bases for my Demon and most likely CSM forces I build moving forward. After looking around I decided on these from Secret Weapon miniatures and ordered a handful to test the waters before fully committing. Let's take a look at the product.

I ordered five 60mm bases to take a look at the quality, detail, and paint some test bases to see if I like the result.

The bases are sold in two designs at this size so I ordered two of one style and three of the other. They came in two packages so I can only assume that they hand pack the packages depending on what you order, since one came with two bases and the other came with three inside.

Taking them out of the packages it's very clear that the quality of the casts are very sharp. I expected to have bubbles and a few details I might have to repair or live with since that has been my experience so far when working with different types of Resin products. I won't even talk about the horror stories of finecast I see all the time.

The only bubbles in any of the one's I ordered are on the back or the bottom of the bases themselves. Which isn't an issue at all. I suppose if you are super OCD you could patch them up with some putty or green stuff. 

So over all these shipped very quickly after I ordered them. They arrived packaged very well with no shipping damage even being possible the way they had been packed. The only issue I can remotely point out was I have one that is a little warped so it doesn't sit perfectly flat.It was a little annoying at first and I was told I might be able to heat up the Resin and bend it into shape if it was too bad. I have opted to try and live with this minor flaw.

The bases are crazy detailed in person. The pictures online seldom do these things justice I was very surprised by this. They really bring the model to another level in my opinion as a great base can do to finish off the look.

I opted to not go for the blood soaked base that everyone online seems to do with these. One because I don't want to do the same old thing others are doing and two because I feel this more traditional wasteland style base really let's the detail of the skulls shine and stand out. 

Once I add models to the bases I also add some bushes and such and so far they look amazing in person. I am pleased.. How pleased you might ask?

Pleased enough that since writing the initial review thoughts down for this post I have placed and received a much larger order to re-base and update my entire demon army or at least the majority of it. 

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