Monday, January 20, 2014

Demons Vs Old Nids - 1850 - Very Picture heavy

So before the Nid dex dropped a few weeks back I met my buddy Edge to play a game. He decided to take the Nids out for one last spin before the new book.  A just for fun good bye to the old rules I think.
I am not going to do a detailed battle report just point out some highlights of the turns. There are a ton of pictures and the terrain and board was great looking.

We met at Epic loot in Centerville which has a fantastic game room.
We are playing the diagonal deployment, with KP primary and objectives secondary. 6 objectives.
I built the table you see below.

The roads are meaningless game wise I just really like a great looking table and in out hobby it's rare to get a great looking table that also makes for a even game I feel.  There are some great LOS blockers some ruins and the bridge and pond will be counts as forests to stick with the city theme. 

The Nid list didn't bring a lot to deal with my Flyer heavy Demon build I brought so he is going to have a uphill battle I feel already from the get go. Edge is a good player though so I don't count him out. Also while I am strong on KP he is strong on objectives with so many troop units and the ability to spawn more.

Turn one was night fight so nothing too much happened, also while he moved up both the Tervy bugs lost the ability to spawn which is a tough break turn one!! It means my strategy will shift to kill his troops now to get the secondary of objectives. Something I thought I would surely have a hard time getting. 

Note on my turn I rolled a 12 on the warp storm creating a unit. (I have actually never done this before lol) The blood letters are counts as deamonettes.. I didn't bring any other extra troops beside the letter models and Edge said I could proxy them as whatever. 

Doom came down turn two but failed to wipe the squad of 15 plague bearer. I was able to use Fateweaver to one shot the pod next turn to earn First blood on the bottom of two. 

Mawloc scattered onto his own guys! also something I have never seen in a game lol. 

My missing Demon prince went to charge into these troops and wipe them out, but Edge got two shots through with over watch. Then I rolled snake eyes losing the last two wounds on the CSM Nurgle Deamon Prince I had brought. 

Deamonettes kill the mawloc off in combat I am sure they will be wiped out next turn. 

Lone plague bearer as the doom and pod take their toll on teh squad. 

Girls got killed off in assault. 

Edge removes models to make room for his Terv to join combat.. I put the book on this DP because he is carrying my portal and I don't want to use it yet. I need him to stay alive. 

I had cultist in reserve, Since he had the Doom on my objective and  since I wasn't thinking I placed my objectives like a retard I brought these guys on as far from his units as possible so they could hide the rest of the game since they are a easy KP.

My Demon prince is going to save my horrors that I Deep Struck onto the back objective. Again because I brought a larger squad he wasn't able to kill them all in one turn when he got there. 

My HellDrake lost his weapon at this point because of shots to rear armor... I needed him to wipe a small troop though and he lived so its worth the sacrifice.

I dropped the portal the bottom of five and it scattered closer to the objective which was nice. I spawn 2 plague bearers and make it within 3 inches of the objective. 

The game ended turn 5. 

Ended up 
Nids 4 KP and 1 objective
Demons 8 KP and 2 objectives

It was actually a much closer game than it appears. The demons got the last objective and the other 4 KPs on the last turn. 

I spent the game avoiding his death star in the middle with my mobility and I pretty much ignored the Doom. In fact if he had left it to guard my objective I couldn't have stolen it with the portal at the end. 

This was my first game taking larger troop squads. I like taking larger demon troops they are more useful at 15 or more whenever you can take them that way I think it was just nice to actually apply it and see it in action.

Always a good game and fun to play Edge though! I hadn't played a game in awhile so I was getting rusty I made a few mistakes. 

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