Tuesday, April 29, 2014

STC crawling from the Grave with Dark Future intentions

This is a transition post as I said in my last post I would put something up to kind of direct you where I plan to end up as I move forward. After much talk with a few friends and some time off I have decided I'll be working with Lantz and the rest of the STC crew to slowly rebuild that site to the evil glory we had almost become...

Someone came in and sniped our original web address out from under us to basically not use it as far as I can tell. (Why would you do this?) So if you go to you get a shell of old posts that is like a graveyard and not the fun kind. Our new address became but due to the process we lost all our links, and blog roll love we had gotten basically Destroying our traffic or connections with friends as I like to say. If you are on my blog roll I plan to migrate you to the STC blog roll as I rebuild that as well. I know a few people use my blog roll to jump around so you will be able to still do so by going to the other site.

I'll be contacting people in a few weeks to try and repair the damage moving forward and spending more time over there rebuilding so to speak. I will then be posting regular like in that location.. I also plan TJ willing to become a guest writer on Dark Future Games, so that I can drop an occasion article over there. It's one of my favorite sites, and TJ and the guys are all great people I enjoy talking with.

So in short if you are following Emperor's Codex please take a moment to follow (If you aren't already) to follow my random nonsense and hobby adventures as this site continues on its path to be shut down.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Farewell the Emperor's Codex

Yes as the title suggests the site is already in the process of being moth balled and stacked on some shelves with the piles of kits still in a box we all store because someday... someday. I had originally planned to finish the 3 or 4 articles I have floating in various forms of draft and announce this at the end of the new series. However I have kids and thus I am usually off schedule a bit haha. With Adepticon just around the corner I have decided to move up my deadline.

The Emperor's Codex has had an amazing run, done very well, and for a one person show been a blast. However it was never intended to be a one person show in the long run. The site has gone through multiple changes in direction since I first set the thing up. It has been a Grand MAD experiment in networking, blogging, marketing and the such. I have met too many awesome people to possibly name them all from tirelessly playing around on this site. However the people I had originally intended to share the site with have since been pulled in other directions do to real life reasons. I don't want to forge my own narrative, I have learned a ton, and would be perfectly happy being apart of another community and not trying to build my own world. So it has finally run it's course and I feel it's time to move on.

My goal is not to vanish from the blogging community. The plan is take some of my regular series and migrate them to a new home in the near future. So my INSPIRE posts, Convention or RTT pictures, rumor run downs, and model progress perhaps, and interviews will hopefully find a home elsewhere.  I will put out some feelers or bother some of my fellow bloggers until I can find a home to regular or semi regular do some guest writing. That's right, Drkmorals is going all MERCENARY on blogging.

But... BUT DRKMORALS that is freelance or Guest Writing.. it's not called MERC writing?

SHUT UP YOU, when Drkmorals does it,, it's clearly MERC writing OF EVIL!!! not some sissy freelance.

I am not sure exactly where I would be a good fit, I do already have some guest writing abilities over on 40k Global, I enjoy those guys and that podcast,  however the direction they are going with the post guidelines is really hard for me to fit my writing style into. So we shall see. Also clearly I will always drop in at STC from time to time, although that site has had a few set backs as well honestly. At the least I will find someplace to post Adepticon comments and some pictures in the near future.

So a large thank you to everyone who follows and randomly stops in to read my nonsense. There will be a future post that says where you can find me before the blog itself vanishes at some point. As always comments or emails are welcome.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Do the Imperial Knights Break the game?

Ah yes, welcome back to my corner of madness dear readers. I have taken a short break from the blog while I caught up on real life. I have a ton of projects abound, and thoughts that I have been dying to post but I have a direction at this point so I wanted to start with some quick thoughts on the new Mini ME Titans.

Monday, February 17, 2014

FrostyCon 2014 Pictures - Caution Picture heavy

I went down to FrostyCon 2014 on saturday let's jump into some pictures and talk about the event a little bit. Ironically The not blurry picture of the trophy says TIPPCON haha.. Perhaps I should pay attention when randomly snapping pictures next time. Anyway let's start with the armies.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some last pictures of the Las Vegas Open

Last set of pictures from the Madness that was the LVO! I want to shout out to the guys over on Front line gaming I have heard nothing but positive things about the event so far! I am looking forward to trying to convince the wife I have to go lol. Anyway onto some more pictures!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Pictures from The Las Vegas Open

So our man on the Scene, who is most likely hung over at this point has been randomly providing more pictures of the event going on.. I have been trying to post the better one's. (Note when you have a event in Vegas people don't notice if the pictures they take are blurry.. possibly due to blurry vision)

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Las Vegas Open Pictures from the event!

The Las Vegas Open is going on this weekend! I couldn't make it this year but my buddy Norman is on scene and sending me random pictures.. I'll see about posting them as I get them, let's see what he saw last night..

Lots of tables and lots of room the gaming hall looks great! 

One of the perks is that gamers who attend will get first hand to try out the new gaming Mat that Reece and Frontline gaming will be selling in the near future! Those things make the tables really pop!

Yep I am sold I want to pick up a few in the near future!! 

This Axe being signed by several people or possibly everyone is going to be last place prize I believe once the dust settles.. A neat idea but I don't know how great it is to have the signatures of everyone who beat you from a event? Maybe only Internet famous people are signing it? Or Game designers? I am curious to hear what it is?

Awesome Trophy of bragging rights!! Look at the marines pose! Totally cool

blurry picture but I believe these are beer hats, that will be the prizes for beer hammer winners!!

My buddy Norman with Reecius! He should be hanging out with Alan pajama pants B(some other letters go here) If you see him say hey, and make him take a picture with you! lol. Keep the pictures coming, also since you're in Vegas and I am not.. I hate you... =P

If you are playing in the event GOOD LUCK to you!! Also take a couple pictures and email them to me! =P

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Khorn Hounds progress - bases complete

Quick pictures of some progress as I continue to update units.. The bases are all done for the hounds. I have the hounds on them and at this point but haven't taken any snaps yet. I'll see about taking a few to throw up in the near future as well.

I have mixed in a few random bases of other sets but used the same paint scheme. Partly to break up the same 3 bases that they sell in this design. It comes off really awesome when the whole unit is done to have a few random other bases mixed in. 

Again I keep saying it but the detail on the Secret Weapon bases is outstanding. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Test models zombie vixens.

Super busy so I haven't been able to post updates as I am working on stuff. Wargames Factory have some pretty solid models at a great price. I did a review of of some wargames Factory stuff some time back... However after I attended Adepticon this last year I ended up with 70+ of these Zombie vixen models. I figured I can use them as a Chaos zombies I mean why not right they could possibly be deamonette stand ins if need be too.

Anyway I threw together a test squad to see what I thought about the models.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy update 83

They sent out yet another news letter update for this kickstarter.. I am sure a million sites have it posted with details but as usual I will continue to post the eye candy portion and will announce when they actually release dates for backers to get product and product to go on sale to the general public when they announce it. In the meantime some more progress on the models as they develop below.. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cool Mini or Not Newsletter 14.04

Man I am behind schedule as usual. When it comes to hobby stuff that's just the story of my life.. AH well. 
I wanted to drop this quick newsletter.. I'll post the TGG update pictures tomorrow, and then maybe I can actually throw up some pictures on hobby things I have been painting lol.. We shall see. 

Before we jump into the eye candy..quick note on the zombie kit you see above. (larger picture after jump) These are really detailed and cool looking models. Although a bit pricey 15 for 5. Also they don't say what scale they are? I am always annoyed when models don't list the scale they are? Maybe that's just me.. Anyway enjoy the short update! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Demons Vs Old Nids - 1850 - Very Picture heavy

So before the Nid dex dropped a few weeks back I met my buddy Edge to play a game. He decided to take the Nids out for one last spin before the new book.  A just for fun good bye to the old rules I think.
I am not going to do a detailed battle report just point out some highlights of the turns. There are a ton of pictures and the terrain and board was great looking.

We met at Epic loot in Centerville which has a fantastic game room.
We are playing the diagonal deployment, with KP primary and objectives secondary. 6 objectives.
I built the table you see below.

The roads are meaningless game wise I just really like a great looking table and in out hobby it's rare to get a great looking table that also makes for a even game I feel.  There are some great LOS blockers some ruins and the bridge and pond will be counts as forests to stick with the city theme. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Helldrake progress

My goal at the end of last year was to work on always playing a fully painted army. An annoying task when I play semi competitively because I am randomly always changing my lists. I decided to fully paint up my FMC list first as my goal and get the models all updated. Which meant unboxing and actually putting together the Helldrake that has been collecting dust on my shelf so I could actually use the thing before the rules shift and it sucks. 

I will be bluntly honest and say that I generally don't like the paint jobs I see on this model. There are a few that are really sharp or cool looking but for the most part I just feel meh, when I see this dragon painted up across from me most the time.... So it took me a long time to land on a paint scheme for it.. I also wanted the paint scheme to be something I would basically be using on all my CSM allies. 

After some feedback from a handful of people, lots of bickering about fluff, and color wheel arguements I landed on this and I really like how it is coming out so far. 

Couple small things of note. First off Look at that SHARP Secret Weapon base!! BOOM. That thing looks fantastic with the model.. Also The dragon rotates on that flight stand because I just cut into him until the clear rod would work prob not the best way to do it. but meh whatever.. It has the nice ability to judge the direction I am facing based on base placement, yet rotate the model so that he can fit places if need be due to his insane wings I have shifted forward and down since it looked better. (although maybe everyone has done that? I haven't been paying attention to the wing placement on other people's models?)

Also I have no idea how you would ever paint this thing if you put it together first.. I had to paint the wings before gluing them in place. I actually wish I had painted the wings themselves before putting them together. 

As you can see it isn't done just yet. I need to finish the silver outline then detail and wash work. However I am very pleased with the color scheme so that's a win. Nothing is worse than being halfway through a project and wanting to start over. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret Weapon Miniatures- Bone Fields bases Review

I could have easily titled this post JUMPING on the Resin Base bandwagon, however I figured that would be pretty vague and not easily found for someone on the fence about picking up some of these bases.
Anyway I have been looking to upgrade the bases for my Demon and most likely CSM forces I build moving forward. After looking around I decided on these from Secret Weapon miniatures and ordered a handful to test the waters before fully committing. Let's take a look at the product.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FrostyCon 2014

So I will be going to FrostyCon unless some random act of God happens. That's the plan anyway.

It's a comp event so that is interesting and also it's only 1500 points which is a really odd points level for me, so I am not really sure what I will play just yet honestly.

Here are the details,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weathered Vendetta Complete!

The holiday break is over, and while I took a step back from the blog while dealing with holidays and spending time with family it's time to start trying to get through this back log of content I have been meaning to get posted. So let's start with a couple quick snaps of my finished Vendetta. These are just some quick and dirty snaps with my phone mind you. I will see about maybe getting the light box out and taking some actual nice pictures in the future to throw up on the site.

I went with a red for the cockpit because I wanted it have something in common with my INQ forces and I wanted the cockpit to really stand out from the rest of the plane drawing your eye to the central part of the model. 

I will admit that I learned a few things along the way on this project as well as experimenting a bit with how different thickness of the sealer impacts the weathering differently. I still got the final result I was looking for though. Over all this came out great and will be my color scheme for all my IG Allies as I build them going forward.

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