Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emperor's Codex goes Global

Just a quick note, as I tinker away with things in the background that I haven't been sharing public as often, I do still live, and have several things on the burner.. I wanted to do a quick post though to let you guys know that I have started to work with the 40KUK guys a bit. I'll be throwing a few guest articles up over the next couple months at 40kglobal, and depending on the process and things go perhaps I'll just become a regular writer over there.. 

Anyway my first article is up this weekend, we had a bit of a scheduling ordeal already in the background so my second article will be up rather quickly. I think sometime early next week instead of separated by a week or more time like authors on sites normally are. 

Jump over and take a glance, and let me know what you think.. The format is a much shorter less in depth post structure than I am used too.. I can't really get into details as much as I would like but hey you take what opportunities you can right? I mean I don't have Kirby or Bols offering me blog time lol.  So I figure its always a plus to give back to the community someplace, and diversify my online friends I chat with about the hobby. 

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