Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Double Foc love or hate it?

So in a odd twist of story line I was able to break away from the chains of the real world and sneak off to throw some dice last weekend. The event was at EGC down in Cincy which is a great store. If you are in the cincy Area I recommend stopping in to check it out. (Although if your in the Cincy area you have no shortage of places to buy and play)

The event was up to 22 players 2000 points and DFOC. This brought up several questions and group discussion among my fellow gamer's locally about Double Force Org.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The community speaks about 6th edition

So I wrote up a little article last week, not even so much of a article more of a quick rant. That's what personal blogs are for right? You post some random pictures, discuss game things you are thinking about, some random rants about things on your mind. I commented about how 6th had impacted a large brick of my playing circle and area's I have seen. The title really said it all, Is anyone still gaming? I was hearing several people who stopped, took a break, moved on, or just can't be bothered currently because of other things going on. What I got back from our online community is some feedback about things going on around them. I actually got lots more than I had expected in several forms. Facebook, comments, text msgs, and even a phone call and a few emails from people.

What did everyone have to say.. well a little bit of everything I will do my best to recap.

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