Saturday, December 7, 2013

Space Hulk for IPad

So on the 5th I think they released Space Hulk for the Ipad and possibly other IOS devices. I have been looking for a new thing to do on my ipad so I scooped it up. I want you to take note that I have never played the board game and only read about the game on steam.

What I found is that it has been a very solid 10.00 on a something that I really enjoy so far. Now I haven't played the Steam version but I have been told basically it's the exact same only with touch screen controls. I have been killing GeneStealers for days now to my amusement. So speaking from a first time spacehulk player what can I tell you?

Dear God Terms are slow no wonder they can't sweep people in hth.

Holy Crap GeneStealers are way killy in this game, not near as killy on the table top IMO.

The learning curve is rather steep and unforgiving. You can't always take your move back so don't rush into things. Also apparently stormbolters jam constantly, something I have never noticed playing my GK's. You can kill your own people. I have flamed my own guys a couple times trying to get a different result or because I accidentally touched the screen. If you aren't facing the enemy you don't strike back in hth. If they come up behind you, you just lose like a punk. (What is the point of the armor exactly?) Once you get the hang of it, it can be a really great game. I enjoy the digital version enough that I am considering picking up the board game, I am pretty sure I could play it with my kids. I am under the impression because of how the gameplay works that the game is almost exactly how the board game works without the setting up and having another person play the aliens of course.

I have so far only been playing the campaign mode so I can't tell you much about the multiplayer just yet. You can buy skins for the Genestealers, and some expansion content. It is slightly buggy as well, but I heard the Steam one is too. Basically there is a lag when it goes from the Genestealers back to your turn. Also sometimes the sprites on the screen glitch and show alive instead of a corpse. I have had some trouble loading saved games as well. So not perfect by any means.

  Just dropping some thoughts and a few screen shots about the game. If you like strategy games like FF tactics, or Vandal Hearts it's that style game. You move your team then they move and you move again. You have to plan out what your going to do and they install this fear of death in the game using the method of, if you do something wrong, you die. haha.. It's much like Demon Souls in this way, it can be frustrating but it can also mean you have some key rolls or epic moments during a map knowing this. It does show you the dice rolls in the back ground while you play as well. Something you can turn off.

Is anyone else playing this on the IPAD or perhaps I am the only one that has lost some painting time to sneaking around small corridors killing aliens?

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  1. Oh sweeeeeet! I forgot about this one!!!! I'll be on there shortly....


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