Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Digital Bah Humbug

You know I may be mistaken but I can remember when people would complain all the time that GW was taking forever to release new rules for anything and how frustrated people got because Codex A needed an update more than Codex B. How many of my hardcore DE players remember the gap between books they lived through? Fast forward and we are in a place that no one saw coming. The overlords at GW have been releasing content like a zombie horde that the community is now fighting to hold back. The rules are fluid and the Meta is fluid.

Now I don’t know if people like to complain in general? I mean maybe it’s part of the hobby to complain about the hobby? I know a few people that if they aren't complaining about something they just aren't happy it seems.  People have a knee jerk reaction and get all “Friends of Humanity” before giving things a chance I feel, or stepping back to try out something. (Obscure X-men reference my bad) When 6th came out I know tons of people that walked away without even playing a handful of games because it’s horrible.. Random Objectives, with random terrain rolls, random charge length, random power tables, and allies with flyers.. Clearly it must be garbage I don’t need to actually play. 6th isn't perfect by any means but it’s not horrible either. Just seems randomly off balance like the editions before it to me but I haven’t been playing as long as some people.

I think the Digital rules are a great way to more quickly expand the game. I haven’t seen anything broken more than an actual codex at this point. The things that make the game one sided at this point are units that can get a reroll on a 2++, and wave serpents. These things didn't come from supplements or datasheets, or digital rules. The power Tau, Eldar, and Deamon table domination currently is just from the standard rule books they gave them. The Digital stuff seems to be just more flavor and toys. 

INQUISITION – Gave imperial armies some more options, servo skulls for everyone, and basically allowed you to take them like you used to be able to before the ally rules. Not game breaking by any means, and may even add some flavor to the table top. You get some more combo options as with all allies options in this game. I suspect very killy IG blobs perhaps? However when was the last time people took an IG blob locally? Not because it wasn't killy but because current meta could shoot them down, I don’t see this changing things like that.

DATASHEETS – We have only seen one and I really like this concept. We got basically an update to the Chaos books allowing another playable unit. The unit is broken by any means, and adds yet another option to the tabletop. I hope to see more of these in the future.

FORMATIONS – If the Tau one is the baseline I don’t see how these will overly impact too many things. The unit released is so pricey that unless you are playing an insanely large game (in which you could already take more than one FOC) you aren't taking these guys unless you already run them. If you are already taking the formation then you get tank hunter and hatred to go with them now. I heard some chatter that anyone can take these but that seems stupid. If you put a Tau formation on the table and your army can’t ally with Tau you then have an illegal list.  So again I feel if you are already using Tau you have another option nothing more. Shrug.. 

Am I off base? Are the Digital rules the problem or just the rules bombardment that people need a break from?

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