Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So I painted a Fateweaver

So I have to say I have owned this model forever it feels like. I won him at a RTT well over a year ago and took him just because I didn't have one. Then he sat on my shelf plotting and doing whatever those models do while waiting to be painted in boxes keeping each other company in your hobby area. ( I like to think they tell each other ghost stories, GRIM Dark Ghost Stories) 

I never really liked the FateCrusher army and felt the model was way over costed in that list so I instead ran heralds in 5th edition. I also was not inspired to paint the model, especially since I wasn't using it. Why did you get it then? Well because I am a demon player and I didn't have one yet lol It paid off since he is vastly more useful now as I already talked about briefly here

Anyway let's take a look at the finished model

I went with a very tradional paint color for him for the most part. I didn't feel inspired to go in a vastly different direction so I wanted to to try my hand at a very classic feel for him like I did the for the
  keeper of secrets. There are several layers and shades of blue to get the color the way I was happy with it. It looks really sharp in person and I hope you can see the detail in the pictures. The blue highligting might be a bit subtle but I wanted to draw you eyes to other parts of the model and not drown you at first glance with over done blue effects. The skull covering his bird junk has been done with pigments to really show the detail of the sculpt as well. 

I used Gold, White, and Pink to bring out the detail in the model. I have been using a new process for white starting from a gray and working back up that has been turning out very well on models. The pink really makes the model work adding some great minor contrast to some parts. Also the book is nice realistic brown and I used silver here to highlight the book and make it feel very different from the rest of the model. Its a great detail and we don't want it blending in with things.

When I finished doing the wings they looked very plain with all the subtle blue shading even with the highlights going all the way to a almost pure white to get the detail I wanted. I ended up adding the black to the wings to again contrast the model and really make it pop. The black is faded in nicely using pigments, and really allows you to compare the color on the wings without it looking so plain.

The staff is pink to because anything less than a strong color not only made it blend into the model, but it also didn't feel like a magical item worthy of a creature of chaos. I will admit I spent far more time than I should have playing around with making the pages in the book look aged. It turned out well and I always pictured the book being blank since no mortal could clearly read that thing.

Over all I am pretty happy with the how the model turned out with the exception of the base. Which is something I am not happy with across my entire demon army. I plan to swap all of them out and I already have started on some test bases. I started this army awhile back and the basing scheme was done with lava on a majority of them. However I have come pretty far hobby wise so it's time for an update, But you'll have to wait for another post to see how the final base turns out.

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