Friday, November 8, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures Juweela Tiny Bricks! Yes Please!

So I have gotten a handful of items from Secret Weapon Miniatures for a few different projects I have planned. Whenever I order a third party item outside from the standard GW stuff I always enjoy plopping down a product review to give you guys an idea what your getting your hands on. I originally started writing this with all the items I ordered in the same article but it became a silly long post as I talked about each item so instead I have opted to do one product at a time, starting with these tiny bricks!

These bricks are fantastically cool, and I actually added these to my wish list as soon as they had originally been released. The package you see is what I was shipped and there is a good number of these bricks in each package. NOTE the package has actually changed since I ordered these I'll have an updated picture for you guys.

So these things are pretty much tiny bricks you can smash them into powder just like a real brick. They are a very useful size as you can see from the dice in the picture above. The entire bag didn't get any half bricks or broken one's or misshaped bricks. Also the color as you can see from the small pile above is pretty consistent. The bricks do leave a color residue when your handling them. I noticed that they basically left a noticeable dust you could see on anything white I put them on. Not in a bad way but just something to note when working with them. 

What do you do with these tiny Bricks you may ask? Well I was going to show you my project idea, but instead I figured it would actually be better to link to several other people using them to perhaps give you a better idea of projects that might inspire uses for these in your projects. 

First up is using them on base as you can see. Chris West over at 2 Ton Studios has a nice write up walking you through how to get this quick and easy result. 

Roman over at Massive Voodoo has a great article showing a number of different uses for the bricks to get a different result depending on the model you are working with. 

AridMonk over at Standard Template Construct walks us through the steps to get a realistic paved result, and to talks about using them in walls to bring that realistic damage look alive in terrain or display boards. 

I have been playing around with them since I got them and I can say that so far they are a very easy medium to use. Also you can easily get a fantastic result using glue, or use putty to create a mortar look to the bricks depending on the type of project you are working on. (I just use Super Glue personally) For the price I think these are a good value and honestly a awesome item to have when doing city style basing or terrain projects. I don't honestly have a ton of negative things to say about these so far. 

Now as I mentioned since I ordered the package has changed since they are now sold under the Juweela label who is the company who makes the product. So a bit of re-branding is all but the same product. So expect them to arrive in a different package than listed above is all. 


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    1. They are pretty fun to mess around with and really make a base stand out when done right.


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