Saturday, November 2, 2013

INSPIRE - Sheldon on Display

Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? Wait.. wait.. maybe I should ask who doesn't watch that show? Zab over at Almost Perftec (which is a great blog name but a nightmare to type due to muscle memory) Created this awesome gift for a friend. Which tells us that we all should be Zab's friend so we can get a cool gift perhaps? Well too bad I already consider myself a friend since I stalk his blog in my spare time so get in line!!

 Zab does great stuff over there. I love to post things in the INSPIRE series that make me step back and want to try something and this is another fantastic example.

We learn that even if your not a fan of the t.v. series and can't really appreciate the awesome that this gift is, you should still take away the concept. As a hobbyist you could make someone a awesome gift tailored to them, not to mention look how far a great display set up can take even a single mini.  Now don't come back and complain when you give your significant other a awesome diorama of her shoe shopping, or cleaning the kitchen and sleep on the couch for weeks. I suggest diamonds or roses for that person in your life. (possibly you should buy a more comfortable couch as well) However I am sure there are others in your life you like to give gifts too from time to time. Friends, Parents, office co worker, cute neighbor perhaps?

Either way follow the link over there to see some of the process gone through to make this thing. Also you get to learn he works in t.v. in some regard so find his email and feel free to send him your audition tapes. Also Zab I'll make sure you have my address in time for Christmas buddy!

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  1. Wow, I'm glad you liked it! It's rare to find something so specific that someone outside the hobby would like. It's also a great way to put a little weight behind what we do with our hobby instead of getting the raised eyebrow and haughtily toned "Oh, you play with little plastic men in your spare time?" It's funny, but that one post gets a ton of hits. You can never tell what will inspire others - that may be my favorite part of blogging. Thanks for the shout out, again :)

    PS- Hold off on your demo reels. I'm just a lowly promo producer in Canadian television. The only power I have is to suck viewers into watching some truly terrible TV shows (and a handful of great ones too).


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