Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday SALE at Emperor's CODEX!!!

I am not actually selling anything, but its all 50 percent off!! ACT NOW, no, wait in line so you can ACT LATER!!! But be first to do the acting!!! Yes it is that time of the year where people go all crazy and stand in long lines with zero (Yes Zero) roller coasters at the end. However normally we do this crazy thing, well wait... other people do this crazy thing to get mad deals on stuff they may or may not actually need. (I don't like waiting in lines.. I tend to shop online when I can. I like to consider it Deep Strike Shopping)

So who online is having a deal for the blackest of Friday's?

hmmmm let's see who is offering what I saw initially.

Secret Weapon Miniatures is offering 15 percent off everything you buy on black friday.

The Warstore is offering a slew of sales to include a extra 5 percent off most items if nothing else I believe.

BattleFoam is offering a handful of deals on foam and bags.

Spikey Bits is offering a store wide madness related discounts as well.

Privateer Press is offering some Black Friday love.

GoatBoys Painting Service Full of Monkey Painting is actually not doing anything for Black Friday, but Thomas is a cool guy so if you bother him with a email on Black Friday and say "Yo, it's black Friday Emperor's codex said you should hook me up with a good deal" He'll prob hook you up somehow. Seems like a totally easy way to get a good deal on a banner for your site or something at the very least. (results may vary lol)

Actually I am doing this post because I am a little sad that I couldn't find more information about other Black Friday deals going on for our hobby. I made one of these up and I still only have six to list.  Even locally I have been unable to really find much that our local stores are doing.

Did I miss a good deal online with someone? Are you getting something someplace online I didn't list? Drop a line in the comments and I'll edit this post. Just hoping to better help other gamer's/bloggers save a little cash. I plan to maybe pick up a few paints and some bases. Maybe the lack of deals is because several companies aren't in the US? Perhaps the lack of deals is because gamer's don't splurge on black friday?.

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