Monday, November 18, 2013

Behind the Blog - Recalcitrant Daze

In the Grim Dark Future, there is war, and blogging about said war. Also blogging about anything and everything else going on. Blogging is a thankless job most times, and while our online community is pretty awesome in general as we celebrate all things Grim Dark, hobby, and miniature related. Seldom is the curtain pulled back to shine a light behind the scenes. The people who devote themselves to the dark god's of blogging work away frantically keeping the posts flowing. So in this series we will be speaking to some of our communities most dedicated. Getting a small glimpse into the minds of our fellow bloggers, and pillars of our online world. To get this glimpse a short series of questions went out into the warp, and these are the bloggers who responded.

Today we speak with Rictus of Recalcitrant Daze

This week we have another great site thrown into the mix and one that has already been name dropped by several others we have heard from. Rictus does some amazing work and I am sure that many of you have seen his amazing plastic card work on BOLS. His ability to convert things from scratch and still bring that high level of detail is inspiring on a regular basis. If you aren't following his site just like the others in the series so far you are really missing out on some great content. Let's take a look at some of his work before we jump into the questions. 

Please list all the sites you write for.

My own blog…
And Bell of Lost Souls…

What originally got you into blogging?

Got fed up with forums, especially being an Admin and decided blogging was the way to go.

Is there a story behind your blogs name?

It was the name of the Project Logs I had previously on forums. It has followed me for some years now. It seemed appropriate.

Can you name two articles you have written in the past you really enjoy and why?

The three part article I did for BoLS on Looting tanks for Orks is probably up there (part 1 )

 along with the Blight Drone article as I so rarely paint things… ( )

How do you keep up with blogging and how much time does it take up out of your personal life?

Doesn’t seem to take up much time, I was in the habit of doing regular forum updates previously and I find doing updates for the blog far less time consuming as I don’t feel the pressure of having to do updates every day. Once every few days is more than enough.

Are there some really great blogs that inspire you or that you would like to shout out?

Sheeps little corner down under

Eye of Error

Slave of Paint

Drop Ship

Les Kouzes


The Painting Bunker

If you had one tip for a newer blogger what would you tell them?

Don’t give in –just keep posting and spread the word.

Any final words before we wrap this thing up?

Nothing I can think of.

Thanks to Rictus for doing the article with me. We see that our man Rictus is a man of action and of few words, but many shout outs lol. I have been adding all these great blogs as the series goes on and I hope you guys are checking them out too! Also we have yet another blogger that set up shop as they ventured away from the forum environment? Do Forums need to take a look at how they do things to stop the slow bleed of regular posters into the blogging world? Maybe we should be happy that Forums pave the way for great bloggers? I wonder how many walk away from forums for the same reasons but don't start a blog, we just miss out on some great content, or another member of our online community perhaps? 

Thanks for joining us today and keep an eye out as we have several of these coming down the pipe for the series. As always feedback, and comments are more than welcome, and if there is a blog or blog author you would like to see highlighted please feel free to speak up or shoot me an email and I will see what I can do. 


  1. Hmm, after seeing the other articles in this series I probably should of been a bit more vocal and written more...

    Thanks for including it in the series, it has been enjoyable to read the posts.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, and you have a well deserved place in the series you do outstanding work that inspires a lot of people.

  2. I always enjoyed Rictus' work a lot. He's dominated the Ork conversion niche. So many clever designs!


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