Thursday, October 17, 2013

Updating Demons - The Fatman

Alright so in the background since the new Demon book has come out I have been updating my Demon army. Updating the models a bit for the new codex, as well as going back and finishing models now that I have learned a ton on the hobby side about painting and such. I have done a few models that I haven't had time to post just yet but bare with me as I try to catch up and get some pictures going of things I have done in the background.

One of the first models I went back to mess with was my Nurgle Soul Grinder aka The FATMAN as I call him. He is for the first time a complete model since I made him so long ago, which is a little sad when you consider how long it took me to go back and complete him. He was table top done for some time but I wanted to finish off his paint, tone him down, and give him a less cartoony look and more realistic color tone. Let's take a look.

Normally I would have a great before shot to show the contrast, extra shading, and over all changes in color. Also how much darker he is, but I was just excited to paint and didn't even think about taking a before picture. I was able to to go back and finish up his greens, do some washing/glazing, then finish him off using pigments. If you aren't using pigments at all, I highly recommend playing around with them, they quickly have become a staple of my painting process as you will see moving forward. 

These aren't the best pictures I am working on that too lol.. However here is a up close shot of his arm so you can see the various shades of green, and layers of ewww.. He looks decent in the pictures but he looks pretty sharp in person at this point. 

The rust now is much darker and more realistic, the picture makes it a little brighter than it is in real life so you can see more contrast easily. Before there was too much orange, as I had finished the entire rust process. Now the minor details like the extra barrels and such in the back really look sharp. Also I was able to tie together the flesh with the metal more smoothly using different pigments to really get a nice result that is harder using traditional paints. 

I had done most of this work back around Adepticon time frame and I just finished up the last touches a month ago, but it was pointed out to me I never posted any of the pictures on here, so as I have been in a regular posting schedule again, I thought I should throw it up. 

Overall I am pretty happy with the guy.  


  1. Thanks for the idea, what to do with my std GUO miniature, upon replacing it with forgeworld version. The only problem is his weight as it is old metal figure...

    1. The legs of the Soul Grinder kit are pretty beefy they would hold him I think without any issue, I just used the extra head and green stuff for the body part. You could easily put some extra arms into the mix using the GUO mini... That would be pretty dope.

  2. Looking great, man - that's an awesome use of bits!

    1. Thank you sir, the praise and feedback is appreciated.


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