Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Keeper of Secrets Aka Demon Prince tax

Yes the Keeper of Secrets, and I don't mean the nickname your family gave to your creepy uncle that no one would leave you alone with when you where growing up.. (Although he too might make Slaanesh proud) When the new Demon Rules dropped this guy become viable on the table top more so because he unlocked the Slaanesh version of DP's than his own ability. I tend to like being able to shoot with my princes and being able to also have fleet has been the difference between a win and a loss for me more than a handful of times. Now I don't mean to say that Slaanesh DP's are the end all and only viable option, Nurgle is very viable, as is going with the Lord of Change. It all depends on your local meta, and your personal play style is all. Not to mention the rest of your list where you want to spend points.

Keeping all that in mind I wanted to go the Slaanesh route. Now Forgeworld has a Fantastic model to use as the Keeper that I would love to own. However Forgeworld just isn't in my budget these days even with GW working so hard to bridge that price gap. What it meant was that I needed to actually take the metal model off the shelf and put it together. I have owned the model for sometime just never really did anything with it, more so because I don't really like the sculpt than anything else.

Let's take a look though at the result.

I quickly decided that I would attempt to put him into a stance that showed some motion. That maybe if I built the model to be a little more dynamic I wouldn't dislike it as much. I also quickly came up with some conversion idea's but decided I would go ahead and build and paint this guy so I could play with a fully built and hopefully painted army without rushing through a conversion for some event that would no doubt come up. 

As you can see I finally got him in this crazy odd mid sword swing while reaching forward type pose? It was actually hard to glue him together this way and when it was all said and done it wasn't dramatically different than his standard pose. I also didn't want to spend a ton of time converting this metal model, although I did swap in the updated scabbard/loin cloth in the front. I thought it would look better than his traditional one when it was painted up. 

The final result taught me some important hobby lessons. First never under estimate the ability for a classic but solid paint job to make a model better. Now that the model is all done I don't hate him by any means. He looks really sharp in person. The pictures aren't exactly spot on color wise, (I'll figure this camera thing out eventually) I went with a very traditional style purple color for the model. There are way more layers of purple than I want to admit to anyone because while he looks fantastic in person you can't tell there are as many shades as I used. It was most likely unnecessary and I could have gotten almost the same result in less time. Live and learn right? The updated loin cloth adds to the motion and the white area also adds to the color contrast really helping bring the finale result better. Sometimes a small change can really impact the finale result of a model. 

His claws and his horns all transition from black to purple. This was something I haven't been able to show overly clearly in the pictures I apologize for that. You can get this result with several different methods, but I enjoy doing this with pigments. You get a textured result that really pops in person and it's not a overly complicated technique by any means so anyone can do it with a little practice. 

The Dynamic pose I went for actually made the model very annoying to attempt to take pictures of. The focus was always off because of all his limbs. 


  1. Looks good, man! Great color combo - I like it!

    1. Thanks! I have to say I was happy with the end result. He even has surprised me on the tabletop a few times being a key unit in a few games..


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