Friday, October 11, 2013

Raging Hero's - Toughest Girls of the Galaxy update

Raging Hero's the mini company that is known for some pretty awesome sculpts. Did a Kickstarter not that long ago called the toughest girls of the galaxy. The timing was awesome because I happen to have some cash to throw at it at the time. You can find the kickstarter here although it's closed now.

Well they just sent out the first major update with the first glimpse of the troopers being done and WOW is all I can say. These models look pretty amazing. Let's take a look at this sweet eye candy!!

Man these things look fantastic!! I was hoping to get the models to use as counts as IG troopers when it was all said and done. Maybe even make some more henchmen squads for my GK's. However I clearly think you could use some of these as counts as sisters of battle without any issues at this point! Which is beyond exciting. 

They also sent some concept art for the next project they will be kick starting after this one. Which also looks pretty amazing already.. 

Lot's of great stuff for use across a number of systems! Raging Hero's does some great work so I hope when it's all said and done it is just as amazing when it's in a box on my shelf that I keep saying I will get around to painting lol. 

How many of you guys got in on this? And what do you guys think so far even if you didn't make the kickstarter is anyone else looking forward to picking up some of this product once its in production?


  1. I know! I got the email today and felt a little light headed after realizing i wasn't breathing as i looked at the pics. I am so glad i got in it.


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