Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Double Foc love or hate it?

So in a odd twist of story line I was able to break away from the chains of the real world and sneak off to throw some dice last weekend. The event was at EGC down in Cincy which is a great store. If you are in the cincy Area I recommend stopping in to check it out. (Although if your in the Cincy area you have no shortage of places to buy and play)

The event was up to 22 players 2000 points and DFOC. This brought up several questions and group discussion among my fellow gamer's locally about Double Force Org.

It was interesting to hear how some people viewed Double Force Org very negative, even several people who had never played with it before. The cries of abuse rang out throughout the realm. However did it have any merit? I don't know a ton of places that always play or allow DFOC? I started thinking about ways to abuse or run lists that you couldn't do without the extra slots to see what I thought I might bring to such a event.

The first one was running 6 soul Grinders. How often would I get to do that? Not to mention 6 armor 13 jerks running around trying to punch people in the face seemed like fun. I wasn't sure if was over powered or broken but seemed fun to play even if it didn't do well.

I have run 6 one time for the only apoc game I have ever played.. It was for charity but long before 6th edition. 

I also considered running 5 units of hounds, but I don't especially enjoy playing the triple hound list. It just isn't overly fun personally so adding two more units didn't seem overly great in my head.

I could have spammed some GK nonsense .. 6 Dread knights or even 6 dreads with strikes would be pretty amusing.. you could always spam 12 razor backs using Coteaz.. Razors aren't overly great but maybe if you fielding over 12 they would be annoying? seems to squishy to me though. After running through a few other options the only two lists I cared to use for DFOC (keeping in mind my two primary armies are GK and Demons) ended up being either 6 grinders or a balanced GK/IG build.. I would have taken the Grinders honestly but I didn't have the models and couldn't borrow another three by the day of the event.. Which brought up another point I didn't really have the models to do any type of DFOC abuse.. The second chart really benefits people who are hard core collectors, and perhaps the store since you would buy more than you normally need to run.

I opted just to play a FMC list, if nothing else I haven't played in awhile and it would be good practice. Plus I could take the Power cards that Goatboy sent me for a spin.)

 I can send you the PDF if your interested I have had several requests for these since people have seen them. All props to Thomas for making them though

I took

Keeper of Secrets, 2 greater gifts, level 3
Black mace DP, wings, armor, gift of mutation, mark of zinch

10 plague bearers
10 plague bearers
10 cultist

DP, wings, armor, greater gift, exalted gift, level 3
DP, wings, armor, greater gift, exalted gift, level 3
DP, armor, greater gift, level 2

Round 1 I played vanilla marines..

The list didn't bring any sky fire, so it was a rough match up for him, I also got great powers on everything. I ended up with max points.

Round 2 played Tau

Slow player, his list wasn't the normal tau list you see. Still very shooty because its Tau. Not enough sky fire again.. This game didn't finish, however I ended up losing because I didn't realize the game wasn't going get another turn so I didn't position correctly for it to be over. My fault... loss very small points for me.

Round 3 Marines again..

Still not alot of sky fire though and my opponent had some really bad dice so it ended up being a tabling.. Max points again..

I ended up pulling 2nd place out of the 10 guys that showed up.. Learned alot about playing the FMC list.

More interesting though was out of the 10 guys only two ran lists using DFOC. One wasn't really abusing it..The other ran something like 80 plus marines on foot which was funny. I don't know how amazing it was but it was funny to see. I was hoping to see more people try to take advantage of it. I wanted to see how it impacted the game and local meta.. So sadly after this one event I still dont' really have a opinion on it.

Have any of you guys been playing DFOC locally? Is it being abused? I would be really curious if it's game breaking or not? Do you just hate it or have you actually been playing it?


  1. Cool to be able to legally field a whole Space Marine Company.

    1. Yes I actually think a majority of marine players prob have close to that many marines too!!

  2. From what I've seen, that's what happens more often then not. People bring maybe one more of a slot and that's really it. Your model collection limits what is taken, and if you take too many of something, a hard counter ruins the army and 40k is already a Rock paper scissors Game.

    1. 6th is very paper rock scissors. I don't think any list you see doesn't have one or two bad match ups. Perhaps they have achieved a form of balance through unbalance?

  3. double FOC is IMHO better for Xenos armies than Marines because it allows to maximize the Slots.

    Being able to field 4 ICs allows better synergy or being able to use the 2nd "tier" HQs

    An example is for Nids.. who would gladly have 4 or 5 Elite slots but NOT just spam hiveguard.. but use the other units as well.

    Orks can max out the slots by spamming the same unit (BIG Guns, Dakka Jet) or for Characters.. use the Warboss, Mek, Mek, Weirdboy combination.

    1. Interesting I suppose Xenos get some nice perks..

  4. annihilation barges... six of them... that's what I'd be most worried about given they're so cheap and deadly, and you'd still have a ton of points to bring anything else you wanted... there's a few very cheap effective choices out there that are completely spammable, however unless someone's regularly playing DFOC or apoc they may not have the models to do it... I can easily see a necron player having 6 barges though, given three is regularly seen in the heavy slot, some people bring them in HQ as well and it's a pretty cheap kit to purchase!

    1. In my local area DFOC has become this don't talk about it thing at several of the locations.. So I doubt I will ever get the chance to face 6 Barges sadly. I agree that if I had the models that 6 would be a pretty solid way to go though.


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