Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Road to CAG-BASH: Part 7

...turning into the home stretch!

Day two of the CAG-Bash tournament.  I'm 3-0 going into today, and I feel much better after a good night of sleep.  Day 1 was a loooong day, and I basically just went home and crashed after it was over.

I feel good going into day 2.  I'm undefeated, but I did have a very tough game 2 against Tyranids.  I'm hoping I don't have to face any more of them, but it will come down to luck of the draw.  As it turns out, I end up against the Ultimate Spoiler Army for this game!

Dark Eldar.

These guys are the ultimate anti-army.  They have so much offensive power, your defensive strategy means precisely ****.  Your best strategy against these guys is to either hit first if you can, or hide in a very deep hole during the first turn if you can't.

My advantages against them are going to be that I have lots of flyers.  My AV13 won't help me as much here, because of all their lances, but at least they won't be able to use all their splinter cannons against my troops while they are in their planes.

The Dark Eldar list is incredibly fuzzy in my memory now.  This will be the last time I try to put up a list from pure memory, as I saved the list for the next game.  In any case, this guy was running Mech Deldar, something like this:

Haemonculus with Agonzier

Trueborn with Blasters in Venom
Trueborn with Blasters in Venom

Warriors in a Raider
Warriors in a Raider
Warriors in a Raider
Warriors in a Raider

Fast Attack
Jetbikes with Caltrops
Jetbikes with Heat Lances


This list is unusual in that he only took 1 Heavy Support choice, but otherwise its very similar to most Dark Eldar lists you see nowadays with lots of vehicles and lots of shooting.  He has plenty of blasters and lances, a huge amount of mobility, and even a little bit of combat potential.  My Heldrake is going to have a field day, as long as I can survive the first few turns for him to come on.

Game 4 vs. Dark Eldar

Hammer-and-Anvil Deployment with three objectives, one on each end and one in dead middle, each worth 4 points.  Elites were scoring and worth 1 victory point each.  I won deployment roll and chose the side with the huge LoS blocking building.  He won the roll to go first.

A word on Terrain:  The house on my side of the table was HUGE.  It was probably a good 9 inches tall, so it completely blocks LoS.  I also had a smaller house on my left side that blocked some LoS, but not much.  He had a ruin on his side of the board where he put his objective, which cave the Wyches some nice cover.  Other than that, there was just one small ruin in the middle that we fought over.  The midfield objective was in the middle, no cover anywhere near it.


He deploys forward, with everything ready to go all out and kill me.  He also keeps his Mandrakes and the Haemonculus in reserve, outflanking, so I have to watch out for that.  I try to take cover as best I can.  I use the huge building in the corner to hide my delicate Cultists and Prince, while the Wraiths shield the Barges.  If I can survive the first turn, I might be OK.

Turn 1: Top 

Everything moves forward, and shoots and shoots and shoots and shoots.  It's a bit unreal how many shots a Dark Eldar army can put out.  Three major things happen:  2 of my wraiths on the exposed end die, one of the Jetbike groups bladevanes my Daemon Prince down to 1 wound, and the exposed Annihilation Barge is immobilized.

I actually came out better than I had thought I would.  I almost lost the Prince, which was not expected, but I definitely thought he would take out more vehicles.

Turn 1: Bottom

Starting with the lower right corner.  Prince jumps over the Jetbikes to avoid having to charge through terrain.  The cultists charge the Jetbikes first....this is key.  Jetbikes get overwatch on the cultists, and the cultists go to ground.  This does three things:  gives them 2+ cover for the overwatch, soaks up the overwatch for the Prince, and since they went to ground the charge auto-fails, leaving them in place in out of combat.  Tricky, right?  Prince charges into combat and chooses to smash his attacks, pulling a few punches.  It's risky, because I'm purposely trying to kill less models, which means he might get killed on the return volley.  But it works, because he gets stuck in combat with 3 bikers left, and survives.

I move my two barges out into shooting position.  The Wraiths with the Lord jump over the little hut thingy, hopefully so they can charge the closest venom.

Now it gets really crazy.

The three Anni Barges commence quite possibly the greatest round of shooting they will every do in their entire existence.  He has his entire mech army bunched up into a circle, with the exception of the Ravager in the far back.  The immobilized Barge (AB1) fires first, since it only has range on one vehicle on the right side.  It lands 6 hits and wrecks the vehicle.  The troops inside pile out of the rear.  It then Tesla Arcs to another vehicles and blows up a raider, killing a few guys inside and making them spill out.  The second barge (AB3) shoots at a Raider on the leftmost side, wrecking it and causing the troops to spill out.  It then Tesla Arcs and blows up another Venom, as well as putting a few hull points on some other vehicles.  The explosion from that vehicle kills a few more guys from the first wreck.  I decide to go for broke with the last barge (AB2), and it fires at the vehicle in the dead center of his Mech Circle, where everything is within the 6 inch Tesla range.  It wrecks, and proceeds to tesla arc to the two units on the ground and two vehicles, wrecking one and exploding another one (which kills even more guys).

When the smoke finally clears, I've taken out 5 vehicles, and killed maybe 15 troops spread out among the units.  The following words were exchanged:

My Opponent: If I didn't know better, I would totally accuse you of cheating with your dice.  That was a lot of 6s.

Me: If it weren't for the fact that the Tournament Organizers handed out all the dice before the Tournament began, I think I would agree with you.

Turn 2: Top 

His Mandrakes with the attached Haemonculus come in from reserve, but outflank on the wrong side of the board.  His other Jetbike squad takes out my cultists group, killing some and causing the rest to fall back off the board.  My Prince finishes off the J1 Jetbike group and consolidates.  His troops shoot ineffectually at my vehicles, doing a hull point to each with glances.

I just have to lean on him at this point.  He's lost all his mobility, but I still have to make sure I keep him off my objective.

Turn 2: Bottom

All but 1 Scythe comes on.  Heldrake flames the middle, killing an entire squad and then some.  I use one Scythe to drop troops on the left, who are joined by the DLord.  Their goal is to now kill his Warlord, which they do with shooting.  The Scythe and AB3 take out another group of Warriors.  The remaining Wraiths take out a unit of Trueborn in assault.  AB2 kills a few Mandrakes.  AB1 takes some potshots at his last Raider near the objective and wrecks it.  The last Scythe (NS2) shoots at the Ravager, but only destroys one of its Lances.  The Prince flies forward and hides behind cover with only one wound left.

Turn 3: Top 

His remaining Jetbikes bladevane my Immortals, killing a couple and putting 2 wounds on the Lord.  They then blow up AB3 with their heat lances.  Rest of his army shoots at the Wraiths, taking them down to just 1 model with a single wound left.

Mandrakes assault my Lord and Immortals, but get cut down by Overwatch and the Lord.

Turn 3: Bottom

Last Night Scythe comes in from reserve and drops troops on the objective.  Both the Barges and the Immortals finish off the rest of the Jetbikes.  1 Immortal dies to Tesla arcs, but gets back up anyway.  The DLord hops back on one of the Scythes.  NS1 and NS2 finish off the Ravager.  The Heldrake wipes out another warriors squad, leaving just a few units left in mid.  Prince moves up to assist the Heldrake, but stumbles around because there's nothing left to assault.  The last wraith assaults the Warrior squad in front of him, but dies to Overwatch.

The only way I'm going to be able to take all three objectives is if I run my Immortals all the way to mid.  Its a long shot, but it might work.

Turn 4: Top 

His troops in mid shoot at the Prince.  Prince lives.  Wyches consolidate on the objective.

Turn 4: Bottom

Immortals run like the wind, getting a 6 on the run roll.  AB2 and the Scythe take out some Warriors.  Prince assaults the trueborn and wipes them.  Drake wipes a Wych squad.  Immortals jump out of the last Scythe and kill most of the other Wych squad. 

Turn 5: Top 

Last warrior squad in mid moves onto mid objective.  Wyches assault my Immortals (I2) on the objective, but get cut down in Overwatch. 

Turn 5:Bottom
Anni Barge kills a few Warriors before the assault.  Prince and Immortals assault the last couple of Warriors.  Prince rolls a 1 for his Daemon Weapon, killing himself, which has got to be the most anti-climactic way to die.  Immortals kill the last of the Warriors and consolidate on the objective.  Game ends, he has nothing left on the table (R1 is a wreck).

It really was over after turn 1.  Dark Eldar are known for having paper vehicles, but he got absolutely devastated by my Tesla Arcs.  Honestly, Tesla Arcs have never really done much for me, but I guess when most of your army is within 6 inches of each other, that creates a lot of opportunities for the Arcs.  After that, all I had to do was lean on him and pick him apart piece by piece.  I can't really say my tactics won the day here, but it surely is a game I will remember. 

I score 12 for all the objectives, 3 for killing 3 Elites, and 1 for each Secondary Objective.

Final Score: 18.

Whew!  That makes me 4 and 0 in the tournament overall.  Undefeated with one more game to go!  Little did I know at the time, my next game is probably the hardest game I've played in my life.  Any guesses as to what army met me at the top table?


  1. Hey. SinSynn here, reading yer stuffs.
    I like yer batreps. Nicely done. 'Grats on the victories so far.
    Gee, I wonder if you'll see a Grey Knight/Necron combo fer yer last game?

    I'm liking what I'm seeing here. You'll get a nod from me. You write well, you seem to have a positive attitude (firmly competitive, smart and clever with tactics, and yer not a jerk), and -most importantly- you have a sense of humor.
    Two thumb-like tentacles up from me.

    1. Sorry for the late reply...but thanks!


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