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Adepticon 2013 - Team event pt 2

Alright welcome back to what will be our final Adepticon post as I finish up the coverage I planned on doing of the event. In our last post I ran down our lists quickly and talked about our mindset going in. so let's go ahead and throw up some pictures of the last two games of our day one.

So our next round we played against some Demons and IG paired together. The lists roughly

Demon list
Neshy DP with wings
Grinder Korn
3 flamers
6 Fiends
2 units of horrors
1 large unit of demonettes

IG list
2 Vet squads in chimera with grenade launchers
CCS in chimera with melta guns.

The missions was KP's and table quarters. This was a fantastic round for what it was worth. Because we knew the other team, they had already been drinking pretty heavy like, and the demon player didn't even know the new rules for the most part. So the game was me explaining how demon's work now, and us laughing and joking about things for the most part.

I'll throw up some highlights below and try to recap a bit.

IG deployed hiding behind the terrain

Demons all spread out across the line ready to charge forward

The two demon players on our team paired together this time we have 3 grinders with a thirster, GUO, 15 hounds, 9 Fiends and some letters. 

We spread 20 letters across the hill at the time we thought it was area terrain. We didn't realize hills in this event are not area terrain lol. 

So this game was interesting because the Warp Storm would punish the other team. They killed 4 of their own units because of warp storm results. Also it was interesting to see that while korn units have Hate neshy, neshy units have hate korn so both get rerolls. However most the time the neshy units go first so they would appear to get the better of that deal. 

Also in this game two times our opponent lost combat and rolled the result that earns back all her wounds from combat. Which is epic when it happens in game! It completely shifts the game I thought!

When the dust settled We had honestly almost tabled the other team. the only demon unit left was the DP of neshy, and a few IG units. However we had no troops for the most part so couldn't really claim any objectives so we tied that and we won on KP's, and first blood.

Large str 8 blasts really hurt the Fiends and hounds when they hit!! Something that impacted both sides since we both brought Grinders!

The DP Vectors over the letters before assaulting in and Beating face, wiping the squad as we get another example of how letters aren't as good as we had hoped. 

The Green blast is our portal and it made horrors! Sadly that was about all it did. 

The neshy on Khorn action just getting ready to kick off!

The fiends assaulted the GUO and the GUO raped them in combat! only for them to roll the result that restores all wounds lost resetting the combat. 

The warp storm kills a their own vehicle.kills off two flamers of their own and puts some HP's on the basilisk all on the same turn!. 

DP assaults into the letters. 

Initially the girls had been doing pretty solid damage to the hounds and by all accounts I think they would have beat them in combat.. However...

I assaulted into the combat with my fiends dropping the init of the unit down to 1 meaning the hounds would go first against the toughness 3 girls and they easily ate up the rest of the unit. 

Over all a really fun game, we got a minor Victor like I said and moved on to the next tables for our final game of the day. 

Yep as you can see it was GK and Demons (imagine that!!) vs a dual Cron force. Roughly they had

3 A barges
Destroyer Lord
Command Barge
Normal Lord
2 Arks
small unit of scarabs
and lots of planes with warriors

The mission was the Relic so honestly this was kind of a boring game and I can only imagine the Cron players didn't have overly a great time playing against us. Our list was designed to play this mission for the most part..

Our list was
2 Grinder
10 letters
15 hounds

6 palys'
1 paly
Defense line with lascannon

So first off I want to say the Cron army was really cool looking. They had taken the time to put lights in almost every unit. Warriors had led lights in them if I remember correct. The Relic was this cool light up Cron thing. The guys on the other team great guys as well, so nothing against them. 

However the game went like this... 
We went first and move up the paly's get out and take the relic. They then run back slightly. 
The entire Cron army shoots at palys and they don't care.. 
Next turn the palys get back into the raider and move back

Now the Thirster ties up the wraiths and the Hounds swoop in and kill them off then basically the Thirster and the hounds jump from unit to unit earning Kp's as they break things. 
The Crons spend the entire game shooting the LR then the Paly's inside.. There is no other target really

The letters behind the wall go to ground if they are looked at funny for a 2 plus save and they are fearless from shooting, the lone paly is killed at some point. Yay exciting.. not really. The relic is a horrible mission IMO and not overly fun to play anyway here are some pictures. 

Note the really cool looking Relic they made!

And this is where the Thirster and wraiths start a slap fight

We initially shot what we could at the Command Barge because if we could stop it, then the LR would have been even more annoying to kill. But everything bounced off the thing. 

The Grinders dropped large blast kiling off all but one lone scarab.. The scarab actually made combat with the Grinder, who went first and killed it in a lackluster and funny way. The other teams comment was, 
"well what else was I going to do with one scarab base." 

Grinder assaults and kills the Command Barge Driver. 

Palys assault and kill the command barge

Grinder actually wiffed his attacks and was killed next turn.

And Draigo Falls!!!

I want to note on the very last turn after a shuffle and two turns of unloading the entire army into the paly's they are able to kill the paly that is holding the relic making us tie on the primary since no once holds it. The palys took a massive amount of fire this game. 

The game wasn't overly exciting it was interesting at one point they said that our list is kind of cheesy because there really isn't anything for them to shoot at? It was odd they said they normally have units to tear down, but everything sat behind the wall and was fearless so nothing was really a good target and they couldn't do any damage. I asked how they thought other people felt playing them since they run armor 13 wall mixed with flyers? I mean there isn't anything to use small arms fire on in their list either. So because we both had no valid targets, plus the Relic was the mission. The game was slightly boring as I said before.. 

Oh well. I made the best of it, and I hope our opponents didn't have a horrible time as well. 

Sadly this ends my Adepticon 2013 Journey as we dropped from day 2. We had a friend that needed to travel early because of work, so instead of making him pull a all night trip we just dropped out and spent the next day hanging out and playing demo's. I played Dark Age and did a little shopping but for the most part that was it. 

Next year expect better coverage!! I hope to see you guys there!

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