Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Day One

I have posted the Crystal Brush information and uploaded all the team pictures from the Adepticon Event. I was hoping to catch some great armies from the normal events alas I wasn't able to do so. Partly because I had to balance picture taking while gathering information to share here with you our awesome readers and running around enjoying all that is Adepticon. Lantz has been doing a great day by day run down and I am now at the point where I will do my day by day run downs as well. So take a walk with me.

If you arrive early say Wednesday night or Thursday morning you normally get greeted with this great show opening right of passage.

Yeah that is the line you have to weather in order to get your badge and swag bag on a Wednesday night. Sometimes it isn't much different on a Thursday morning. I have stood in this line two years because I was here to play in the singles event for 40k. However... 

This year I arrive to no line. BOOM I drove up Friday morning and arrived around noon. My schedule wouldn't let me show up and play earlier than that, but there are some perks it appears like no LINE!! I get signed in and grab my SWAG!!! Then I wait for my homie to show up.

I take a quick look at the raffle army this year which as always is a nice prize for whom ever wins the thing. I want to build my own CSM army at some point so I pass on tickets this year.. I never win raffles anyway lol. sharp looking army though. 

From there we take a stroll through the main game hall to take in the sites!

X wing tables are being set up for a event of some kind. I know this is a new game but it is gaining popularity quickly. 

I believe this is Zone Mortalis going on which had several people throwing dice and talking trash.

I don't know what game this is but it was also just getting ready to kick off a event. 

I then snap some pictures of the terrain on the tables this year. I always enjoy looking at the table set ups and the terrain at events. Adepticon has large terrain this year. By large I mean the pieces are almost a square foot each one. Not bad though I thought it was very decent. 

After wondering the halls and taking in the sites and shaking hands with some people I knew we moved on the find the Fantasy Team Tourney going to meet up with my Chicago homies who are playing. 

Meet up with my homies who now inform me that he has Rick James Attire for everyone not just shirts!!

Quick snap of more people I run into that I know these are some friends that run a store in the Cincy Area, Shout out to the Art of War guys. 

After hanging out out for awhile in the Fantasy room I pop into the Warmachine room which also has a large event going on.

after harassing people playing PP games and pointing while asking random questions about models and game play  We move on to the vendor area. 

Lots of Demo's going on, and stuff for sale, and stuff to see.. AWESOME

After losing some cash and finding some cool mini related things.. I take my bags of stuff and its time to head back to the main gaming area. 

The 40k finals and the 40k Friendly team event are going on. 

My Homie Jeff is helping run the 40k Friendly event and this year the theme is Spinal Tap so all the organizers have long wigs, Bandana's and some even have shiny pants. All the missions are Spinal Tap related, and they even have a wheel you spin.

Your team captain spins the wheel at the start of each round and it gives you some random bonus for all members of your team like +1 deny the witch.. Also they have the groupie rule, if a team has enough non team members around them cheering them on they get another spin! Over all people seemed to be having a blast!

Thomas aka Goatboy playing his demons in the finals or day 2 of the 40k singles. 

Alan "Blackmoore" playing his DraigoWing also in the finals. Spoiler alert Alan beat Thomas when they got paired up but he doesn't win either... awww sad face for them. =P

Back to the 40k Fantasy area to see if our buddies need help or any support or just something to drink.. We find they are playing Team EPIC FAIL. 

I have no idea what this was for but it seemed cool enough for a picture.

This was when I broke off to meet up with Lantz and to hunt down Mr Justin in his Lair. Note Mr Justin's Lair was not a evil Lair which was a let down, also because we are not wearing secret weapon shirts we did not qualify for a 10 dollar store credit. Mr Justin and Lantz are still awesome though. 

Back to the Dark Age area which wasn't so busy now to ask several questions and drool over models.

Then at some point we wonder over to see my friends losing to a team Epic Fail... Jokes follow for hours because when you lose to team EPIC FAIL you get made fun of. =P

We all get together in our Rick James glory and take a team picture!! The day was fun exploring and shouting random Rick James stuff at people.. If you got the joke it was funny if you didn't, then you prob where confused at all the Stevie Wonders. 

Then it was off to China Town for some awesome FOOD for the evening. 

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