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Adepticon 2013 - 40k Team event pt 1

Welcome back to our show where Drkmorals talks about things at Adepticon for what seems like forever because he takes a ton of pictures. It's because one of my favorite things about this hobby is the visual nature of it. The models, and the fluff, with the work people have put into their armies. Playing a game with two fully painted armies is always a great experience! Large events like this really allow this type of gaming to shine. Anyway let's talk about the Team event, because that is how I spent my second day at Adepticon this year.

This year my chicago homies and I on the team 40k Smashing Posse, talked about it and we still wanted to get together and play.. However real life and 6th edition in general has really put a slow down on how often we have been gaming in general. So we decided we would play for fun, and we had some simple rules for coming up with lists. So expect several mistakes tactics-wise because we don't know better, don't care, or have decided the other option is more fun or epic.

Rule 1 - We don't want to buy anything - totally cheap about it!
Rule 2 - We don't want to paint or build anything - ain't nobody got time for that!
Rule 3 - We don't want to think or have any strategy.. Run forward and assault or something close.
We didn't care about winning so we wanted to keep it basic, hide the relic, and kill stuff.

So we came up with some simple lists based on models everyone had ready to go, here is the rough of it.

GK smash
5 palys
LR crusader
1 paly
Defense line with lascannon

Marine Smash
5 thunder hammer terms
LR Redeemer
5 scouts
10 sternguard in drop pod.

GUO gross list
9 Fiends
20 Letters
1 SoulGrinder MON

Thirster SMASH

15 hounds
10 letters
Soul Grinder MON
Soul Grinder MOS

Simple and easy  Smash or lose fast is the idea. Either way throw dice and have fun.. There are some un-written goals. I am testing out the demons and will be counting Thirster nonsense. My buddy Mike is supposed to shoot down one plane with interceptor before the end of the event. Also we planned to go for Head Hunter and kill all the HQ's...

OK, so game one.. The mission was Primary Objectives, Secondary KP, and then the normal slay the warlord, line breaker, first blood. The deployment is the long deployment or football field of doom as we call it.

I am playing the Thirster List and this game Paired with my buddy Ed and the Marine list. We don't actually read the mission we just pluck down some objectives and line our army up to charge at the enemy.

The enemy was Crons (A theme of 6th edition)
2 units of wraiths
2 Destroyer Lords
A barge
couple planes with warriors
some more warriors without planes
Doom plane of Str 10 ap 1 pain.

We deploy in a line with the scouts in the ruin. pretty basic nothing fancy. the unit in the center isn't actually there. Its in the POD and LR. Good to note the Thirster got "It will not Die plus one wound" from his greater gift making him a beast to take down. He will be taking the grimoire with his Exalted gift.

Crons Deploy the Wraiths weighted toward our weaker flank.

The plan is to kill things and kill HQ's so Ed drops his Pod right next to the HQ so we can attempt to put some wounds on him with the Stern Guard. After we drop the Pod we realize that I don't think they are doing head hunter this year, we decide that killing HQ's this game is still our theme.

Everything Pushes forward for our Turn one and I use the Grimoire on the hounds.. Which I fail and the hounds are rewarded with a 6++ for this turn.. I roll a 11 of the Warp Storm table which since we are playing Crons do nothing. ..

The Stern Guard unloaded  into the Destroyer Lord but only end up doing 1 wound. 

Everything else shoots and kills of several Wraiths. Grinder Large blasts are really punishing to Wraiths. 

So at the end of the turn my run rolls sucked and we didn't get very far at all. I also forgot this turn that Hounds ignore terrain. 

Wraiths move up and decide that they want those Letters as a easy first blood! Blood for the blood god I suppose. 

The Crons shoot down 3 of the letters in shooting phase from the A barge.

They declare assault and the letters have nothing to overwatch, so they yell and shake swords in a menacing manner. Which we all agreed worked since the Wraiths fail the assault roll. 

The Blue Wraiths decide to ignore the Stern Guard as well and move up, and they do make combat with the letters, They take a casualty but wipe out the Letters earning first blood. 

Turn 2

The hounds push forward and the Grimoire actually gives them a 3++ this turn. The LR turns its attention to the Destroyer Lord and Wraith running around with him. 

The thirster flies into the back lines to either go after some warriors next turn or help with Wraiths. shooting kills a wraith or two. 

Then Lysander fails his charge roll to get to the Unit... Its 7 inches and he rolls like a 5. 

Then the Terms roll snake eyes to assault the other Destroyer lord.. and in a epic fail fashion our turn has gone horribly wrong and our turn is over. 

A well painted and based Plane flies on and unloads some warriors to pew pew at the Thirster. 

The mono Deep Strikes with a direct hit behind out lines.

The Plane, and the two units of Warriors unload on the Thirster and put one wound on him. The monolith shoots down some hounds with its pie plate and random guns. 

The Wraith and Destroyer Lord ignore the terms and go for the easy Kill. Assaulting the Scouts and kill all but one who rolls snake eyes and sticks in combat. 

Destroyer Lord assaults Lysander who fails his Mind shackles and puts a wound on himself. 

The wraiths jump into the Thirster to tie him up. The combat is a wash. 

Turn 3

The Terms assault into the Destroyer Lord

The hounds who are a bit smaller after taking some fire. Are rewarded with a 2++ save this round. the Grimoire goes off correctly and the Warp Storm table gives all units a +1 to the inv save they jump into the Wraiths and between the Thirster and the hounds two more Wraiths Fall. The Thirster then heals a wound so he is back up to 6. 

The Monlith then Shoots the Nurgle Grinder and kills it with it's large pie plate of doom.

A large warrrior unit comes out of the portal and the plane plus the warriors shoot up the grinder but only manage one HP. 

Second plan comes on and warriors get out and shoot up the Stern Guard. The assault continues and an amazing amount of saves are made so a lone Wraith sticks in combat. 

Nothing to do with anything just a cool picture I thought of the game. 

Turn 4

The Neshy Grinder is upset her Friend was killed so She turns her attention to the Monolith like I should have done last turn. This is a mistake that cost us the primary honestly. 

The Thirster and Dogs kill the last Wraith, they did the job they needed to Tying up the THirster for several turns. 

The Grinder Destroys the Monolith. 

The Terms now down to 4 there is one towards the warriors behind the ruin you can't see. 

Note on Lysander.. This is where he was right by the Terms in the Ruins. He had failed a ton of mindshackles and ended up putting a few wounds on himself then failing his leadership and running for the second turn now. We didn't realize that Marines always regroup at the time and you can't walk them off the board anymore. It's a moot point though because the Warp Storm table killed him this turn by putting two more wounds on him and he failed his saves... Casualties of the WARP STORM 1 so far.. and it was our HQ lmao. However we do kill the other Destroyer Lord with LR shooting.

Turns blur together here a bit as I didn't take pictures of everything as it happened. 

The Doom plane finally comes in and LASERS away three of the four terms. The Warriors All rapid fire into the Grinder and Glance her to death.. just barely honestly so on our Turn 5 the lone Term assaults into the Warriors. 

They cut him down in short order. 

The Thirster Vector strikes and assaults the warriors on the objective. 

His warriors move onto the objective in the ruins. 

The hounds kill off a unit of warriors who went for the center objective after killing the LR

This pretty much is how the game ends. It ended on Turn 6 after a dice roll. 

The Necron's ends up with one objective because the Terms failed to protect it lol. We end up tied on KP's when we add it up. We got Line breaker and Slay the Warlord, they got first blood and Line breaker, and since I killed Lysander they got slay the warlord lmao..  So we basically lost hard! BOOM and one of our goals of trying for Head Hunter is already dead since our two teammates also lost hard and didn't kill any HQ's. It was fun though and now we remember how to play a bit I suppose. 

The Thirster did as expected and the hounds are insanely good I can see that already. So far I am pleased with the two units. The Grinders however aren't bad but aren't amazing. I should have used them more aggressively I think.

2 more games to go. 

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