Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tablescapes and Adepticon 2013

First off Tablescapes are awesome

I was going to do a nice write up but Citizensmith already did a great post with some Q and A with Mr Justin about the product and the direction he is going. If you don't know what this is then head over to Kickstarter and take a look.

It's a fantastic option for people to have play tables at home that they can put away in a box easily I think plus the options for display boards is really cool. 

STC article on the subject can be found here with some nice Q and A

Now as of Thursday Adepticon 2013 is going on. I'll be arriving on Friday sometime, and fellow STC member Lantz will also be making the rounds through out the event. 

Friday I plan to shop, lounge, and support some friends in the Team Fantasy event. I'll be one of the guys in a team "F(&@ YO couch" shirt so I should be easy to spot. 

Then on Saturday and Sunday I'll be playing in the team 40k event with my buddies from Chicago. We should have shirts that say 40k Smashing posse. I haven't a real clue what they look like so I can't tell you what's on them lol.

I'll be spending most the time either shopping, playing or taking pictures until my memory card is full or my camera breaks. I'll be trying to hit up fellow bloggers to take some pictures so I can do a Adepticon Roll call of sorts.  Look forward to seeing my fellow gamer's and bloggers there. 

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