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Adepticon FAQ and Demons Quick Thoughts

So Adepticon updated it's FAQ when it comes to Demons and there is some interesting things I wanted to point out since I don't think anyone else has taken a official side on some of this stuff. So most of these are in regard to the demon update the FAQ has several other ruling that are interesting and that are updated that I haven't listed here. I mainly focused on the Demon related stuff currently.

"While a model’s Initiative is reduced to 0, it will not make any close combat attacks except for those that
do not utilize the model’s own Initiative (e.g.Hammer of Wrath attacks). [pg. 22, W40KRB]"

BAM this means Fiends are way better than people originally gave them credit for. The fiends in the new release give a -5 to initiative on units they charge. So in most cases you now get a free round of combat, and a chance to win and over run combat on a unit. This means Fiends have 3 wounds, plus they reduce init on the charge, and they reduce leadership for psyker checks PER fiend model in range... Not shabby at all only time will tell if a GW FAQ follows suit or how other events will rule on this until GW updates. The down side here is that if your not careful you are going to wipe out things you assault via running them down and leave yourself open for another round of shooting. 

If a model has the Smash special rule and uses a
close combat weapon that has an AP3 or higher,
these attacks are still resolved at AP2. [pg. 42,

This is just again verifying that your nice mace works for you CSM players out there. 

When a Drop Pod deploys, it does not automatically
lose a Hull Point even though it is ‘treated as suffering
an immobilized damage result’. However, if it lands in
Difficult/Dangerous Terrain and fails its Difficult
Terrain test, then it loses a total of 2 Hull Points.

this has nothing to do with demons except for the portal Glyph thingy, however I find it interesting and that this is something good to know if you are playing a drop pod army. 

When resolving Warp Storm Table results, Allies of
Convenience are always considered to be enemy
units. [pg. 27, C:CD]


 When resolving a Warp Storm result that requires a
D6 to be rolled for each unengaged enemy unit (and
units containing at least one Daemon of the specified
type), do not roll for any units that are currently
embarked in a vehicle or occupying a building. [pg. 27,


 The Daemonic Possession Warp Storm result has no
effect on psykers currently embarked upon transports
or occupying buildings. It does however affect
Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures (that are also
psykers) normally. [pg. 27, C:CD]

So this is interesting it means you can hide your units in a building to protect them from the warp storm table.. While this seems interesting if you run the numbers on the table itself it really isn't overly impacting on the game.. The one thing that is interesting is it means your psykers are safe from the table instant killing them if they are hiding in a vehicle or building.

 When generating a unit of Daemons either from a
Portaglyph or the Summoned from the Warp Warp
Storm result, a Chaos Daemons player may roll the
unit size before choosing which type of unit is
summoned. [pgs. 27 & 65, C:CD]


 When a psyker (or unit of psykers) is created midgame,
immediately roll for any randomly generated
psychic powers before placing them on the table.
Psykers created this way enter the game with 1 Warp
Charge point per their mastery level. [pgs. 27 & 65,

Off the top of my head I am not sure what this impacts? Horrors don't roll on the chart and they get a level based on unit size?

For a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch, the Blue and Pink
Fire of Tzeentch Daemonic Gifts belong to the Exalted
Flamer and not the Chariot itself. This means that if
the chariot moves, in the subsequent Shooting phase
the Exalted Flamer will only be able to shoot Blue Fire
as a snap shot, and will not be able to shoot Pink Fire
at all. [pgs. 40 & 61, C:CD]

Until GW FAQ's this unit it's honestly just not really usable. 

When the Masque of Slaanesh targets a unit with the
Dance of Caging, roll a separate D3 each time the
target unit is going to move for any reason. The Dance
of Caging affects all types of movement, including,
Turbo‐boosting and Thrust movement. [pg. 58, C:CD]

This is interesting because it means you can really impact movement, however I have my doubts we will see a ton of masque models at Adepty. 

A Fiend of Slaanesh’s Disruptive Song special rule
applies a ‐1 Ld modifier for each Fiend model that is
within 12” of an enemy psyker. These modifiers are
cumulative with other instances of Disruptive Song
from different units. Note that a Leadership Test is not
the same as a Characteristic Test, and therefore a roll
of double ‘1’ always passes even against a Ld of 0. [pg.
57, C:CD]

Clarification again but since you use the powers at the start of the movement phase you can really shut someone down a turn.. You can win an assault and regroup by a psyker so they can't use powers. Also against MC's and NIDS once you are in assault with them good luck getting your powers off. 

 The turn it arrives from Reserves, an Icon of Chaos can
immediately be used to reduce the scatter distance of
subsequent viable units arriving by Deep Strike. [pg.
64, C:CD]

Change from last edition and a strategy to keep in mind. 

A Chaos Daemons player may roll to see if the
Portaglyph creates a unit the same turn that it is
placed. [pg. 65, C:CD]


A Portaglyph has no specified height, and may literally
be represented by a small blast template. [pg. 65,

Funny as HELL I already made my model for this. I don't know if I will use it but it will be fun to test if nothing else. 

When using the Dark Excommunication psychic
power, the following sections from pages 61‐69 of the
Chaos Daemons codex are counted as Daemonic Gifts;
Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Daemonic
Attributes, Icons & Instruments, Hellforged Artifacts,
Daemonic Rewards, Daemonic Loci, and Daemonic
Psychic Powers. Additionally, anything listed as a
Daemonic Gift in a unit’s army list entry is also
counted. Note that Daemonic Steeds and psychic
powers generated from the main rule book are not
affected by Dark Excommunication. [pg. 2, C:CD]

Dark Excommunication really shuts down Daemons in hth combat, this just clarifies what it impacts. If you are running demons you don't want to be in combat with these units lol. 

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