Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Meta and Demon thoughts.

With Tau coming out very soon now after a Demon book just dropped, it seems GW is releasing books very fast lately. Something that I think is nice after the long gaps we had been getting before. Combine the fast schedule of releases with the new 6th rules and allies and BOOM there is a pretty wide spread of armies popping up on tables when I venture out to play. Something that again is very nice, after the sea of GK's and SW's that 5th ended in.

So what we have though is this odd meta place, where things are changing fast enough that no one is abusing one list or another for too long if at all before the meta shifts again.. Flyers are still good, and blobs are popping up regular as well no arguments there. However with the Helldrake being the go to beast for the sky's currently I have been seeing more and more armor 14 show up in lists, weak armor is still meh. While it gives you some nice flexible options it gives up first blood too easy is the bottom line. Even past that it's a super easy KP and the troops inside just take too many disadvantages for the added movement and semi protection for a turn. However heavy armor solves some issues and gives you some protection although most heavy armor is pricey as a draw back..  I was thinking this would be short lived with Tau coming out since the Rail Gun being everywhere after a release is just as good as melta being everywhere  but the rumor is Tau are only going to possibly be sporting Str 8 Rail Guns... That changes everything so I have to wonder is Heavy Armor going to be a regular staple moving forward? I do enjoy pushing around a Land Raider every now and then.. a Shame my redeemer isn't so hot now. Have to go the bolter route now.

Also I have been flipping through the demon book. There are tons of sites that did a unit by unit break down so I will skip that for now. In general it seems to be a new direction for the army.. The book is about MC's and Gribblies as far as I can tell. Nurgle and Slaanesh got some major love, while Zinch had to pay back his loan from the WD update that let him rain supreme. Major tone back, not making his elites bad but very different. Khorn seems to be ok kind of middle of the road. a Heavy Slaanesh build and a Flying circus seem to be the primary builds I expect to pop up. I plan to test triple Grinders personally so more on lists as I get time to test. Troops are cheap but not elite by any means, and the book seems to be stronger with allies or as allies I think and not going solo.  Expect Horde style lists as well though, since troops are so cheap and very Nids feeling to me with putting down target saturation style lists. Also I felt almost all Characters got a punch in the face, which means projects I was putting off like SkullTaker conversions and such are in no hurry to be put in front of the Hobby assembly line. More to come just some quick thoughts I was pondering.

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