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Road to CAGBASH - Drkmorals

If you haven't caught on by now, the Road to CAGBASH series is CaptLoon's tale of ups, downs, mystery and adventure as he catalogs some of the journey he took getting ready and attending his first Major Tourney in a Hollywood style story. (I assume that means explosions, with boobs, or as close as he can get to that typing on a blog) It randomly and unplannedly (Look I made up a word) ended up that we would play each other for one of the rounds along the way. Since it worked out this way we thought it would be fun to do a more In depth battle report than you normally get for a battle with a little bit from both sides of the table.

So I was asked to also pop on here and talk about the list I happen to be playing and give some background on the list and why I was running it. If you haven't read it already The Mr. Loon has already done a fantastic break down of his list and thoughts on said list. LINKY

My list isn't as from scratch as his started..So I plan to just ramble on a bit about the units. The list I used for the event in question was more of a evolving list as I continued to test all kinds of different GK options in the new 6th edition environment. First though we started with a Core that I was happy with (let me note this is not the current version of the list I am running)

10 Strikes 2 cannons
10 Strikes 2 cannons
Dread Knight Heavy flamer

Blob Squad

This is the Core of the list in concept..

Coteaz is a beast for a 100 points. I like the fluff and I like the model plus he comes with 2 powers, unlocks henchmen, and a reroll for Seize. If you have a use for another HQ instead that is fine but unless you specifically need nades or something my go to HQ is still Coteaz.

Strike Squads
Strike squads are also very solid.. power weapons, 2 shots at 24 inches on the move, they are durable troops being they are MEQS plus they can combat squad or DS as needed. Also they have warpquake and hammer hand so again a very solid troop choice that puts out some good firepower especially if you give them rerolls to hit or upgrade the ammo strength. Even without they are solid options. Although helldrakes eat them now. NOM NOM

Dread Knight with Heavy Flamer
The Dread Knight fills a gap in the army and almost always Deep Strikes in where I want him. Deep striking is much less dangerous now, and reserve rolls are much more forgiving. You need to be able to flush out back scoring units, or deal with things hunkered into Cover. So being able to drop in and use the torrent Str 6 flamer to hit things like loota's, cultists, necron warriors, or blobs hiding behind defense lines is a must in a list. He is a MC and has a solid enough save that he is a threat on his own. Plus he can claim line breaker in some games or wreak havoc if ignored. I have been very happy with this unit in 6th as long as you DS him. If you deploy him he is a bit slow and a bullet magnet in most lists.

IG Blob
This unit is a solid scoring unit for the points and isn't something that you can just sneeze and make go away. Plus it has some utility since you can equip it any number of ways depending on the rest of your list. I am sure all of you have seen this unit sitting on a objective or moving up with a attached Marine of some type giving them ATSKNF. Since I run GK's I can't attach a HQ giving the unit flexibility so I would have to run Yarrick to get a similar result but its still not as good but that is whole other article in itself. For the sake of this list this unit will be objective babysitting, and manning some Lascannons. GK's lack great reach out and touch you high str weapons so this isn't bad at all. If points get tight you can always swap these for autocannons.

Is there a reason to explain this entry.. Great anti flyer, cheap, can transport units should you need to, 3 more Lascannons  This is one of the main reasons I even take IG allies.

This was basically the core of the army as I swap units in and out to test... So what did we end up adding..

I need a HQ, I want some more anti flyer to help with a Helldrake so we solve both here. I get a nice stubborn leadership for my blob, and I get a nice BS 5 for the Gun emplacement. This means I can reliable hit with a Str 9 gun using interceptor for most flyers making you choice on your turn if you want take your cover save and snap shoot or take a chance I can hurt your plane. Not bad IMO.. Lascannon works better vs armor 12 because honestly Helldrakes are the threat..

Russ tank of annoying DOOM
Yeah I decided it would be fun to test out adding a tank to the list. The Long range Str 8 AP3 large blast would be very nice for the game and make certain units afraid to be in the open. Armor 14 means that the tank can take a beating so it's not a liability. Can't hurt to test it out and see what I think for a day of gaming.

2 psyifleman dreads.
Pretty solid unit in 5th however in 6th I am not sure how I feel about them. They don't seem to bring as much to the table but they are so points efficient that they aren't horribly bad either. I figure we will give them another 3 games of testing before I make any final choices.

2 units 5 henchmen, 1 banisher, chimmy with heavy flamer
I want some more troops and honestly I feel like with the Helldrake flying around, CSM being popular, and Demons being popular that as a GK player I am missing out not trying to use banishers in some manner. With the vehicle movement rules I can move 18 inches in a turn to put a banisher right next to a unit pretty easily. I gave the 5 squishy henchmen Storm bolters so they could shoot out the top of the vehicle and pretend they are helping out.

The final list looks like this

Lord Commisar
10 Strikes cannons
10 Strikes cannons
Blob squad 2 lascannons
Henchmen and banisher in chimera
Henchmen and banisher in chimera
Russ Tank
Defense Line with Lascannon

I don't feel like the list has enough anti flyer for myself personally, the Dread's are not reliable at taking down flyers. If the gun was AP 1 or maybe AP 2 then I would like them much better, but they would be amazing in general with higher AP.. Other than that I am happy to test this list out and see how I feel about the different units when I am done. I am curious how a few small squads of storm bolters do in 6th as well as the Russ Tank.

Not thrilled with my AP 2 options as well but we have some so its not horrible. 2plus saves might be a problem but well see how that goes. We do have good support fire with storm bolters all over. We have large blast with range so that Meq units can't swarm around in the open and if I open transports I can wipe squads if you rush at me. I have solid scoring options, Long range High str weapons for back lines plus a few flex units.. It is more of a shooting list and rely's on my ability to use the units together but it should be fine and allow me to test the units I listed above.

On to the Battle report!!!

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