Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crons, Crons, Everywhere

So I spent all this time getting my army up to a tabletop standard through the week without any issues, only to have a family issue come up and have to cancel my trip to the INDYOPEN this weekend... complete bummer. I was busy all weekend and I didn't even get to try and hit up the Local CincyCon event since I missed Indy... OH well.. sometimes life happens. However let's talk about the events a bit

The Back 40k guys through what appeared to be a fantastic event and improved on every area of last years. I haven't spoken to anyone or read anything that wasn't positive about this even yet. So looks like I really missed out and big Congrats to Aaron/Spag, and the Back 40k crew for putting on a fantastic event!! The event looks to be dominated by Crons and CSM's a trend I have seen locally in my area too.

I believe they said top tables ended up being
Crons vs Cron CSM allies
Crons vs CSM nurgle
Crons vs GK's

I don't personally know which list took over all though if I find out I'll update this post.

Locally this is very much the same style thing going on, CincyCon ran a 40k event called CAG which I think had around 30ish people show up..

1st place ended up being Crons with CSM allies. ran by Dan, I believe I posted about this list before. I played against him at a local RTT and had a great game. He's a great guy, and the list is brutal and walks over you if your not ready for it. If your reading this Dan I still want a rematch. =P

2nd place Grey Knights
3rd place fellow Martial Law Member Monger and his Crons.

So again Crons and CSM have been doing very well locally just like at INDYOPEN it appears. With a few GK players still hanging in there including myself when I actually get to play. Crons have been a codex that reminds me of orks because I have heard several people say that it isn't overly great but honestly it has been doing well for some time. Wraiths are still solid enough , plus they continue to dominate the air, and bring a decent troop option or two while doing it. A barges are amazing for points let's not lie, although I seem to see scarabs less and less.

On another random thought, Cincycon and INDY seem pretty close together to be happening on the same weekend. I can't help that feel these guys would get together and slide one event so they are a week or two apart that both events might get more players. Perhaps? Perhaps not I am not in the running large events circle to know if this is a statistical fact.

Demons just dropped though so I would assume this plus the DA book has the ability to again switch up the meta a bit. I haven't read the book just yet but I am not going to lie I am not overly excited. Which is a shame since Demons are my other primary army I normally play. I am hoping after I pick up the book and read through it I feel more inspired to dust of the ageless evil and update the army to something more current.
6th just is a different beast to me, and its more about enjoying your army and models than strictly the game. I still enjoy my Coteaz fluff and have been enjoying finishing the GK army.

When I get the codex though expect some demon thoughts and meta shift thoughts.. In the meantime I can go back to painting up my army so I am ready for the next time I can go throw dice... so I am off to play with my weathering pigments some more..


  1. Can you get me in touch with the organizer for that event?I want to ensure that we plan better next year.

    first place CSM/NEC with 3 flyers and a hell drake
    second place NECRONS with 2 flyers
    third place CSM with hell drake
    fourth place NECRONS with 6 flyers and a hell drake
    fifth place GK
    sixth place NECRONS with 6 flyers and a hell drake
    seventh place IG/SW with 2 flyers
    eighth place SW with all wolves and no scoring units. Very interesting

  2. Haha I meant that to be a / . I typed it at lunch and didnt really proof read it. My bad I fixed it.

    Ill ping Sean he runs the 40k part and can get me the info about who runs Cincycon and ill pass it on to you. Thanks for the list info seems flyers are still dominating games.

  3. I'm curious to know flyer spam won because others didn't take any anti flyer, did take some but not enough or won in spite of others taking lots of anti flyer?

    1. It's my understanding a majority of lists had flyers of some kind in them to deal with other flyers

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