Friday, March 8, 2013

Bay Area Open Meta shift

So I wanted to mention the Bay Area open results. I just talked about the Indy and a local event here called CAG and they both showed the same type of meta I have been seeing. I talked about it briefly here if you didn't catch it. I was really pointing out that Crons and CSM have shown up in force since the codices have been out, regardless of what people say about them. As the internet has been saying Helldrake does as Helldrake pleases, and we all know that blobs/flyers are all the 6th edition rage currently. However I think the BAO is interesting because it brings up a topic of discussion and has a completely different meta.

What I am talking about is Forgeworld. The inclusion of Forgeworld basically changes the meta in a major way and really balances or crushes flyers depending on your opinion of the matter. CSM and Crons did not dominate the event or even show up in full force compared to most other events. The top two players ended up being Alan from Chicago a good friend of a friend and a guy I have met a few times. (Shout out to Alan if your reading this congrats on doing well.) He took a IG/SW list that really focused on the meta and the forgeworld allowed to be taken. His full list and a write up can be found here. His list really took advantage of the interceptor and skyfire rules  taking flyers out of the equation in his match ups. His only loss was to the over all winner of the Event

Elizabeth Foster who took a very cool underwater themed Demon army. Her army pictures can be found on Facebook she provided a link on the BOLS article about BAO. So these are a few of her pictures copyright to her and all that. (Don't sue me girl =P ) I just wanted to show her fun theme and as a old school Dragon QUEST player jelly horrors are COOL and I wish I had thought of that.

The Mermaids are flamers in the list, and she took a mono Zinch build that didn't abuse flamers and screamers but took enough to get the job done. 

The real take away here for me is first off the jelly horrors again really cool, but the meta seemed to shift because with Forgeworld you really take away alot of the flyer dominance. Helldrake isn't so tough when skyfire is easily passed out to everyone. The flyer rules is what really makes that thing durable and shine. Just like the rules for transports made Razors so good last edition. So its interesting because there is a very big possibility that as skyfire and antiflyer units become more available we will easily see Crons and CSM loose ground on the tourney Scene, or are the books diverse enough to shift to another build and still hang with the tourney crowd? I think both are very decent books and they won't vanish any time soon, but the flyers are what really make the shine right now there is no arguing that point. 

I leave you guys today with those thoughts and Ms Foster rocking the first BELT trophy from a 40k event. Another cool concept I wouldn't mind seeing more events do. 


  1. With the CSM book I feel that it has enough to shine past the Heldrakes Baleflamer as we see more and more anti flyer/flyer units. My local scene allowed Forge World units and in our last tournament there was very few flyers hunting on the tables. In fact their were no list that spammed flyers at all. We did see one player spam forge world anti flyer units which left him out in the cold most of his games. The top army was a CSM allied with Daemon. More specifically a Tzeentch alliance.

  2. Oh and the Tzeentch CSM/Daemon army had zero heldrakes.


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