Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Blog hidden in the myst

through me you enter into the city of woes 
through me you enter into eternal pain, 
through me you enter the population of loss. 
. . .
abandon all hope, you who enter here

.Sometimes you get shot and wake up and everything around you is different. I stepped away from my personal site for a bit to take in the landscape. Sometimes you need to step back to see the whole picture it is easy to get focused on something and miss everything else.

I left this world on pause not because its a codex and that is what GW does to codices, but more so because real life is busy, STC is hopping, and 6th edition happened.

Real life is kicking and I have found hobby time to be less than it once was. I won't bore you with the details because we all have real life to deal with and the balance of getting some hobby in is a constant issue. Family comes first though sometime I always will press on my friends, readers, and fellow hobbyist. Our fun toys and paint pots will be there later. Time is valuable and you must spend it wisely and with balance.

Standard Template Construct is hopping and going well since it has been started. If you haven't popped in to see the site our follow our content I urge you to do so. It has quickly become something very close to what I was hoping this site would be in concept, a Team of great guys blogging about a hobby we enjoy, and giving something positive back to the online community. We always welcome more of you to join us. This has in turn though taken up a great deal of my personal time helping to coordinate the site behind the scenes. A task I enjoy but is none the less consuming. We have steadily posted a regular schedule of content weekly which as anyone who blogs will tell you is a nice trophy to wave around all in itself.

6th edition slowed my roll so to speak. Not only did I have less time but playtesting the new rules concepts in the newly faster shifting meta we have been handed really made me question how I play this game. Also a interest in more things hobby side has slowed my normal progress as I upkeep my painting and converting skills. I plan un pause this site though and use it as more of a personal site. with less polished and more personal content moving forward. Expect a weekly post with random thoughts of posts mixed in beyond that.

On that Note I have some work in progress Dread Knight shots coming in, nothing amazing just more of my new more unpolished more personal approach to this site. Then I'll repost my finished post I did on the STC. Also I am still trying to work it out so I can go to the INDYOPEN. I have purchased my ticket long ago but the last few weeks have made me showing up with a army much harder than originally intended.

to be continued......


  1. thanks for the introspective look into yourself and your blog.

  2. I like random thoughts :). You've been doing a smashing job as our editor over at STC but its always good to have a personal outlet for musings such as this blog.

  3. Thanks guys for the kind words, I thought awhile about what I wanted to do with this site including just shutting it down. I am sure every blogger has to think about this stuff from time to time

  4. I was wondering what had happened here. I know you have been real busy as of late . I meant to ask you last month at EGC but it completely slipped my mind. Hope things work out for the IndyOpen.


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