Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grind till the INDYOPEN

Well fellow gamer's I am playing the tourney Grind game. You know where you are attempting to actually paint several models for a event that you would like to attend. You have already given up on actually being able to finish said army and are now settling on 3 or 4 colors just so the TO doesn't kick you out when he walks by and are told your 3 shades of primer don't count? " I primered them three times Sir, it doesn't say three different colors?"

All for the lead into the INDYOPEN. I had planned to go a long time ago but Real life showed up and sat across from me. I took it like a man though, All you can do when death smiles at you is smile back right? So I looked Real life in the face smiled, spit at it, and asked if that was all it had, then called it a sissy.. It laughed and kicked me in the nuts before taking my drink and leaving.

Well maybe that is slightly over dramatic but I have been super busy, to the point I honestly didn't think I would be able to go to the INDYOPEN like planned but the last two week stretch I ended up with the chance to actually still go. So I had to shave my list down to 1850 points because the back 40k guys have cruel sense of humor and have found what I think might be the hardest points level to find a happy list with in 6th. Seriously that 100 points drastically changes all the lists I normally enjoy to run. Plus my army is clearly not done because of my schedule I am actually no where close lol. I came up with a test list though..


10 Strikes 2 cannons, halberd, fancy ammo
10 Strikes 2 cannons, halberd, fancy ammo
Banisher, 2 crusaders
Banisher, 7 psykers, chimmy, dozer blade, searchlight
Banisher, 7 psykers, chimmy, dozer blade, searchlight
DreadKnight, heavy flamer of doom
Storm Raven, melta, lascannon, searchlight
Defense Line, Icarus cannon

Lord Commisar
Blob with lascannons


It uses the banisher concept I have been testing, which has worked out well and been fun. I normally run plasma and manty at a higher points level, but to save points I dropped both and took psykers which I have never tested so it could be horrible lol. The banisher with two crusaders rides in the SR, to give me a mobile banisher that also will annoy heldrakes, another scoring unit although flimsy, and since they have a 3++ they may not auto die if the plane goes down. When I designed this list originally the commisar gave the unit stealth with a camo cloak which has been FAQ'd away, so I am curious how the small blob holds up with a 4plus save instead of a 3 plus. The commissar still brings stubborn, leadership 10 and a BS5 to my icarus so not shabby. The halbards and Dozer blades are because I have those models built that way. I don't have enough Strikes done not to run a special weapon or two. I'll have to borrow a handful of models from a buddy and my Allies will only be 3 colors or so, but I should have everything done in time to actually roll some dice. I haven't played in awhile and I am out of practice so I don't expect to smash face or anything, but hopefully I have some fun, and maybe win a raffle or something.

On another Note here are a couple snaps of my now complete DreadKnight in progress

I always start from the inside portions and work on models so initially I did all the Grey sections of the armor pretty much to completion. My GK's use 5 layers give or take to get the Grey result I like. Although most the time you most likely wouldn't notice the amount of work on the Grey parts anyway, it does show a bit better on the larger models. 

The next steps are to start paying attention to the base, and to work on the armor cables and weapons. We start with Dark Tones and work our way back up to lighter tones much like oil painting. 


  1. They look nice man. If you want to use any of my stuff I am more than happy to help. They are painted very nicely. I can help you with the Grey Knight stuff. Shoot me an email at theindyopen if you want.

    Look forward to seeing you next week.

    1. Thanks Aaron, I appreciate the offer. My buddy loaned me psyker a and a SR so while they don't match I won't be winning any painting awards anyway lol. My IG will be 3 or 4 colors is the grind currently.


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