Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year of our Lord 2012 - Drkmorals

2012 has been a crash course of a year for me filled with its share of ups and downs. Glory and disappointments (I am looking at you Expendables 2) However like every year it was busy and crazy which is how life is. I would encourage all of you to do a little year in review of your hobby and even overall. It's always a great chance to compare against previous years, see if your hobby lived up to your projected goals and plans, see if your painting improved or your game play, or even stop to see if you are still getting together with good friends on a regular basis to throw dice and unwind.  So let's take a  short walk through the sands of the year of our Lord 2012 for Myself as we do a year in review here at the Standard Template Construct.

Friday, December 14, 2012

DFG shout out, and some List thoughts

This week my evil lair was swarmed by Nurgle as my spawn fell ill one after the other. It was like the virus amused itself by jumping from one child to the next and refusing to die, making life a just a tad more hectic than normal. At least the kids are learning to share right? Then after they finished playing with the Virus and decided that wasn't a great idea in the long run, much a like a puppy, they gave it to mom.. Which is funny because it's true and I am sure a handful of you can relate. . So my schedule is all messed up this week as I flex. Seems like the holidays or something always jumps in the way of the hobby time doesn't it? lol..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flyers in 6th pt 3 -Strategy of Durability

I have already been contacted and told at least a few of you are really enjoying this series so far. It's always nice to get some positive feedback. The series if you are just catching on has been a brain dump of sorts. More of thinking out loud in general about flyers to give everyone a baseline and some talking points about the new dynamic in 6th edition. I have been generally keep the articles quick light reading nothing to in depth or too lengthy. If you missed the other two so far I'll wait here while you catch up.

Flyers in 6th - A Introduction

Flyers in 6th - Quick Summary of planes

Let's move on to part 3

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