Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Mini or Not 12.17

We now return to our normal schedule of updates meaning that we have a weekly picture drop full of eye candy from Cool Mini or Not. Always great to see the restocks and new items. This week there is a ton of great stuff that is new and can be used across several game systems. I am excited and I will be ordering a few of these. Enjoy and as always head over to Cool Mini or Not site to actually order any of this and get more information.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Forgeworld - MasterClass Vol 2 released

Forgeworld Has released Master Class Vol 2 its up on the site and ready to be shipped to you guys. Here is the snipped they sent out with the release.

"Since Model Masterclass Volume One was published several years ago, the painting and modelling landscape has moved forward considerably, with an explosion of new models, paints and materials available, not least of all from Forge World itself. In Model Masterclass Volume Two, the talented painters and modellers of the Forge World design studio build on the first volume with more informative articles, stage-by-stage guides and lavish galleries of inspirational models, such as the Imperial and Chaos Reaver Titans, Great Brass Scorpion and Valdor Tank Hunter.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

One to RULE them all?

So with Adepticon 2012 in the rear view mirror of life, I can actually do things like post comments,articles, and just random nonsense again. I still need to get a list to take to ATC down, and I need to post Adepticon pictures and reports of my two days of CHAOS and DICE but I have a little room to breath and actually do hobby things I want to do.

Like comment on rumors as I hear them..

One to RULE them all? Yep I am sure several of you have already noticed the rumor mill struggling and grasping at straws to release any information and they are complaining about a One Codex release for next year. So I wonder if that means a ton of errata out of the LARGE rule book to put the other books in line as 6h edition shows up to change the game like the police showing up to a all mech party. 6th Edition is coming there is no doubt about that everyone agree's, but with the Hobbit line being pushed out and the square base game that people seem to play, there honestly isn't much room for more than that so I can see some truth in the rumor right away. I would not be shocked is my point.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Armies from Friday

Adepticon has passed by in a blaze of glory much like THE HANGOVER, giving us memories of a tired but fun weekend. The super bowl or Wrestlemania of the GT scene Adepticon never fails to impress and offer a great experience for those that are able to make it out and throw dice, throw back beer, or just roam around the nerd herd enjoying our hobbies.

This year I was super busy, more than I thought I would be. I arrived Thursday early enough to chill out a few hours in the MASSIVE pre reg line Scoring a free BATTLE FOAM bag for my troubles. CHING CHING. The bag itself is the shield bag from the battlefoam web site with a limited edition Adepticon badge sewn into the front for those who MUST COLLECT EVERYTHING it is a really cool prize, for others it’s free battle foam bag which isn’t a shabby prize in itself.

I had plans to wonder about and shake hands and meet new people but instead I ended up spending all my free time wait.. there was no free time lol  This year playing in two events back to back I was exhausted and didn’t really have time to do anything. I was hoping to hang out with the DFG guys and buy a few rounds of drinks, and a few other people I have met having gone to a few events now. However I spent the whole time chilling with my “boys” who live in Chicago. Had a great time but it was super busy.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adepticon 2012 - Terrain

So anyone who plays in a tourney usually doesn't know what the terrain is going to look like until you get there. So I always find it interesting how they have the tables set up. This morning at 9 the 40k event will start the process of having 200 plus people throw dice and take names for fun and some for glory. Before the event kicks off Here is a quick run down of the different Terrain types on the tables in the 40k area this year.

Adepticon 2012 - Swag Bag

Every year the Swag bag of free ..ummm... SWAG I suppose is normally pretty impressive this year being the 10 year is a little more sweet of course... Let's take a look at what came in the bag this year.

Adepticon - The elite line or irony?

Some people through whatever means via volunteering or knowing the right person, (I am not in "the know") have VIP passes to not have to stand in line. However since these people can't register any earlier than everyone else it seems they have actually earned the right to stand in a different line.

I find this amusing personally. Lol
So I present the elite VIP line, which is again still a line.

Adepticon line action

The 10 year adepticon swag bag with free limited edition battle foam bag has created some excitement it appears. Only the first 500 registered get the limited edition bag for free. They don't start until 5 but with still 2 and half hours to go the line goes down the hall and around the corner as people are hoping not to be number 501

Monday, April 16, 2012

Display Board 101, and DFG contest

I have been meaning to do a post or two on Display Boards and my thoughts on them for some time. I have a theory about how you should do them and since I just did one for my Adepticon army this year this seems like a good time to throw it out there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adepticon or Bust

So I normally drop updates on regular basis, in fact in truth I miss writing and updating articles. Ranting and typing up my nonsense about 40k and the world that surrounds it. (I have battle reports I just have never gotten back to) Yet Adepticon is looming, and I with a new baby, full time job cooking along, house chores, and two other kids I was going to have to give up some time someplace to be able to finish my army in time. I should have known it would be a choir but I honestly thought taking a new army to Adepticon wasn’t going to be a big deal.  I think taking a new list or a new army in itself isn’t a big deal. I think the fact I can’t leave well enough alone is the problem. >_<

I went from Xenos to my first non Xenos army, (Yes I can feel the supporters of all things Xenos cringe as they read that) I like killing marines as much as the next guy well actually prob more, (Nom nom nom) I liked the fluff of GK’s and the models so I decided it was time to have a power armor army and I figured I would build a list to take to Adepty with me this year. That means display board, fully painted and all that jazz. I think this should have been simple. Build list, put together models, paint, practice, and have fun. Which if you knew me is not possible at all since I have to tinker; I started with good intentions and even a base list from online. I actually took a version of the list from 11th company and made a few swaps based on thoughts, playstyle and modeling. Then I gathered my new plastic crack, and built the list. Sadly it quickly turned into adding mods, and picking paint schemes. Then of course after playtesting my new list I ended up tweaking and modding the list which meant more new models and mods in an endless spiral while I was looking for something I liked. =P The prob is I like the hobby as a whole. I enjoy playing competitively; I enjoy the modeling and painting. So everything was justified as I went. I need to add this, so I need to get this, which also means I need these bits for conversion since I want it to look this way. It all ended up being more time consuming than I had planned.
On the plus side playing a new army has made 40k more interesting and fun than it has been in a long time. I get to use units that actually deploy and shoot. lol. I am on track to be done by Adepticon though which is a huge success, so if nothing else I have a another fully painted army.

I had a blast at Adepticon last year, so this year I expect more of the same. Last year I met a ton of cool people, took a ton of pictures and over all had a good time. This year I actually am meeting up with some peeps I know so it should be a bit more laid back instead of my randomly taking pictures and putting names to faces of internet people I have talked to before.  Expect updates to start coming in as my trip starts and if possible I'll be updating pictures of the event with some coverage in the evening since I will have internet access this year. (If I am not drunk, at a strip club, or exploring Chicago)

If you're going I'll see you there!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Grey Knights, Plus Random Thoughts

In the words of Dr. Nick.... "HI EVERYBODY." DFK! time....

Hard to keep posting on a regular schedule. Hard to keep enthusiastic about this great 40k hobby, but more on that point in a minute.

So, I am pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm a power-armor-head. You know, like a gear head, tech head.... except with power-armor. Or power armour, for you subjects of the Queen. Anyhow, I have several 40k armies in varies states of completion (or disarray, depending on your point of view). Vanilla marines, Black Templars, Deathwing, Space Wolves, Tyranids, and some Grey Knights in boxes on the shelf.

Notice a pattern?

Anyhow, a couple Sunday's ago, using some borrowed GK, I got to run a list pretty similar, albeit smaller-er than my eventual list, of GK. I played against the Sisters in my gaming group, who usually runs a pretty competitive ensemble. I learned many things from this game, but alas I have no pics. You will have to deal with generic web pics. The peasants will not rejoice...

Right, so uh, lessons learned from this game: I dig GK (always loved the models way back to when they first got their own book in 3E. Sadly, at that time I was in college and couldn't purchase them). I should point out that I run a "true" GK list, no acolytes or retinues. I do have on Inquisitor as my HQ, who's along to help mete out death in the name of the god-emperor, but even he's got the PA upgrade.

More important and less subjective lessons: Despite being all power armor-y, GK definitely play quite different from my other lists. They don't mind quite so badly being out of a transport, particularly with psybolt ammunition. Further lesson: if you aren't running them in rhinos or with acolytes, take this upgrade. You can lay some major hurt down.

What else, oh, yea, psychotroke grenades are useful and a bit hilarious, though frustrating for your opponent. Definitely worth 15 points though. Lack of melta could seriously hurt against higher AV vehicles, but psycannons do pretty well, and psyfleman dreads put a hurtin' on middle-weight vehicles.

My friend's Sisters are normally pretty competitive in our particular gaming group, but a lesson I learned on his side: 1,500 points is not optimal for the lady nuns in space. I think they need either much smaller or a little bigger, say 1,750 or 1,850.

I didn't get to run the fully-fledged list I plan to build, but that's because I was using borrowed models, so I had to make due. It was good to help refine my future purchases and it was a good game had by all.

That said, let's mention why those are still, after a year since my first GK purchase, FUTURE purchases, and why it's a bit hard to maintain 40k hobby enthusiasm right now:

GW marketing strategy.

There, I said it. You all know you agree, you just whisper it in dark corners and basements around beers or coffee while sneaking in your game of something besides 40k each weekend. GW's marketing strategy is, and this is coming from a former marketing professional, hmm, what's the term? ...Oh yeah, their marketing strategy is "weaksauce."

No rumors. No announcements. No hints. Great plan to build hype there, guys. /rolleyes.

The only thing you guys at GW do at this point is put a "preorder" blurb out basically a week before a launch? FFS. Videogames and movies are previewing things as much as a YEAR in advance.

I'm sure some people keep on buying, but I'm equally sure that everybody in my game group, as well as other groups (hat tip to Martial Law) are slowing down purchases. Enthusiasm dies over time. And now, with 'Crons in October and Empire here in April, you're looking at Nov-(at least)-May without a full 40k release. Seems like a great way to cool everybody's purchases AND totally skip the holiday spending season. Odd choices.

Furthermore, and finally for this post, there are the rumors of a 6th edition and many, many, MANY rumors of what codex is next. This keeps people from buying, and explains even why folks like me aren't purchasing. GK is my next army. Period. Sure, a BT or DA book may come out and I may tweak my other lists, but the GK on the shelf need built. But they're not going to get built any time soon, cuz there are only about 750pts worth, so I need to buy at least another 750 to play. But why buy and build when a new edition may come along and, if as drastic as some of the "preview" links make it appear, change my whole list dynamic?

Answer: there is no reason to do so. So gamers like me sit and wait. No cash flow comes from leaving your customers in the dark. But if you drop hints, "more vehicles," "less vehicles," "smaller games," "apocalypse gear in normal missions," or whatever, people could at least get a clue, and might still give you their hard-earned dough.

Just a rant, some lessons, and some things to think about. Hope to post again before too long, and hope to see your comments. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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