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Year of our Lord 2012 - Drkmorals

2012 has been a crash course of a year for me filled with its share of ups and downs. Glory and disappointments (I am looking at you Expendables 2) However like every year it was busy and crazy which is how life is. I would encourage all of you to do a little year in review of your hobby and even overall. It's always a great chance to compare against previous years, see if your hobby lived up to your projected goals and plans, see if your painting improved or your game play, or even stop to see if you are still getting together with good friends on a regular basis to throw dice and unwind.  So let's take a  short walk through the sands of the year of our Lord 2012 for Myself as we do a year in review here at the Standard Template Construct.

The start of this year kicked off with my third spawn coming forth into this world. My Son would again remind me that having a small small child was much more time consuming that I remembered and that sleep is a luxury we don't actually need to survive. This would right away blow a giant hole in my hobby time of course lol.
I was playing a event a month locally until the new young one showed up. So the start of the year for me turned into a race to lead up to Adepticon. I had hung up my Demons and been play testing the other side of the coin with GK's. I had a Henchmen theme going but with the new spawn running around I would have to focus on three color minimum and finishing my mods. I would not have a outstanding painting score and honestly between trying to get my army done enough to go, and the team event I would end up taking a list I hadn't actually play tested at all.

Adepticon was a blast as always. I again highly encourage you to go if you have never been. I showed up early enough to get the limited edition Battle Foam bag they gave away as part of the early SWAG bag. I played in the championship Friday and fumbled my way through 4 great games! Hat's off to my opponents who all had been a blast. I played a IG force that rocket a DeathStrike missile of all things round one, Then a Black Templar force of Terms that I was able to squeeze out a win in a very close game that honestly came down to one dice roll, but Coteaz would not be denied!! Round three saw me square off with a amazing looking Paladin Army in a KP mission and I again inched out a Victory! I went into my fourth game knowing I had a shot at top 16 and qualifying for Day 2. I was in close to the same place the year before if I could get Max points round 4 the year before I could have made top 16, this year I was way behind on points but I only needed one Victory to go 4-0 and qualify but it was not meant to be. I played Demons and they took my lunch money and my shoes. It was Karma for moving on to another army from my primary force I suppose.  Leaving me a bloody mess on the table as Bill Kim schooled me in how the big boys play. >_<  Bill was a great guy though so no hard feelings he deserved that win. 3-1 wasn't bad at all I will take that. I spent all day Saturday doing the team even which was my first team event ever and I had a blast. I left exhausted Sunday after all the games and good times and having played Necron's in the team event I learned I roll more 6's when shooting Tesla than any other time in my gaming history.
This picture doesn't do this army justice is was an amazing themed Paly force.. I also wish I had
a good picture of the Demons to post they also looked amazing while
basically tabling me. 
I was slotted to go to the ATC event as well, but Alas that fell through as several members of my team ended up not being able to attend at the last minute. I played several local events of course, but really the next thing that happened in 2012 was 6th edition. Which is a interesting set of rules which could be several articles itself because of flyers, allies, and such. I like many of you reading this had to rebuild my armies to work with the new rules, and also playing Adepticon had really made me understand that I enjoyed playing with painted models. Models that I had taken the time with and enjoyed vs just getting them tabletop standard. So my goal become to go back and redo my GK force to standard I am happy with. I have become more into the hobby side of things in general and not just the game play during this process. While sprinkling in a handful of test games to see what direction I want to go in for this rule set. Modelling has taken up much more of my time.

Standard Template Construct was formed this year as well. Which has been a blast so far working with these other talented guys. I have had some good times and learned a bunch about the hobby side of things from painting to mods that I didn't know before. Just like with Tactics, it's a world of difference when you can bounce painting or hobby ideas/questions off a solid group of guys. Our goal really has been to inspire, and do something positive for the online community.
This year also saw a real camera purchase with a macro lens, and even a light box set up to be able to take some decent pictures of my mini's. Plus I have been breaking out the airbrush from time to time. As I said my Gk's have been my primary focus at the moment my goal is to get a list I enjoy playing complete and table top ready. So far since July I have been able to finish 3 chimera's, a dread, Coteaz, an INQ, 20 Strikes, 10 Henchmen/IG, and a squad of DCA to a very nice standard that I am happy with. (Not actually sure if that is slow progress or good progress thinking about it as I type this) Currently in progress I have a Bastion ready to be primed, a Couple Defense lines ready to be primed, started on 10 more strikes and 5 terms. I also have about 20 more IG to put together, as well as a Marbo, a Dread knight mid complete, and parts to finish my other Dread.

Some pictures of a few GK units you have prob seen but I am proud and it's a year in review post. 

So stay tuned as we continue to share, inspire, and offer tips on all parts of the hobby. Also I Hope your year has been just as good to you hobby wise.

<Re-post from STC where I guest write, all guest articles will always be reposted here with a delay from other sites so you don't have to jump around to follow my content. Also to keep a record of things I wrote>

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