Friday, December 14, 2012

DFG shout out, and some List thoughts

This week my evil lair was swarmed by Nurgle as my spawn fell ill one after the other. It was like the virus amused itself by jumping from one child to the next and refusing to die, making life a just a tad more hectic than normal. At least the kids are learning to share right? Then after they finished playing with the Virus and decided that wasn't a great idea in the long run, much a like a puppy, they gave it to mom.. Which is funny because it's true and I am sure a handful of you can relate. . So my schedule is all messed up this week as I flex. Seems like the holidays or something always jumps in the way of the hobby time doesn't it? lol..

I was hoping to have the next flyer update up this week on Wednesday but that clearly isn't going to happen. I have been working on several modelling things but no progress worth sharing at this point just yet. If all goes well I should prime my fortifications I put together tonight. I just built a bastion and two Defense lines. Will most likely paint them very basic with some rust and such so that I can use them with any army or display board. That is the plan anyway.

First off I want to shout out DFG trying out a new concept and helping out fellow bloggers. I encourage you take a look and if you run a blog share some content to get your name out! If nothing else I encourage you to join facebook group. I use a few facebook groups to communicate with some hobby circles already and have to admit it can be much better than a forum ever was at least to me personally. Old School lays out his plan here jump over and take a read...

Next I want to talk about GK's. I have been doing a ton of testing of various units and am in the process of building toward a list currently that is not conventional I think. It's fun and if it works I will play it as my primary list. I hadn't really talked about it until now because I wanted to test it a few times but I read Frtiz post about GK's and it had a similar concept but I think this is his plan initially before he has tested the concept out at all...   You can read his post here if you haven't already.....
I like his concept he is using although 12 henchmen can be a pretty easy KP in those missions. So I wonder if this is a problem plus they have crappy leadership. I would think with this set up while not bad you would need to run the walking Throne INQ to give them a nice fearless bubble much like a footdar list? I am curious to see if Fritz posts a final list and test games or not?

My list I am going to test looks roughly like this..


10 GK Strikes
10 GK Strikes
5 Terminators with thawn
PCS basically 40 guys blobed together with axes and melta bombs


2 Rifle dreads with fancy ammo

1850 points level

It's basically a foot list, first off I get to play with Yarrick, Thawn, Coteaz, and Marbo which in itself seems vastly amusing. It's a style list that SW/IG does very well only tweaked to work with GK's Yarrick attaches to the blob squad to give it fearless and to be a very annoying character to snipe out since he has a reroll for wounds, decent save, eternal warrior, OH and he randomly comes back on a 3+ if you can kill him. The large squad pushes the middle backed up by the Strikes.

 In objective missions I can combat squad and have 6+ scoring units.

The Terms most games will DS in the enemy lines to be a solid unit in the back field to threaten your objective, with Thawn attached he can either die first and come back to life to take a objective you have to deal with allowing the others to move about freely, or they can all sit together and with Thawn you have to dedicate some type or resource to the objective because you can't count him out.

Marbo is amusing all in himself not much to say about that.

It has some flex as well since the blob can split apart if need be, or stay together. I can always DS another Strike squad if I needed too or keep them all together dropping my army to 11 KP's Making it a KP denial style list.. Depending on testing I can always drop the Terms in favor of another 10 man strike squad.. but this is a good starting point.. Could be fun and solid,, could fail horribly lmao. This will be a fun test list regardless and give me more data for further branching out and deciding what direction I want to go or end up in for 6th edition. Also this is fairly outside my normal style list something else I am enjoying at the moment. There aren't alot of 2000 point games happening around me currently so if I needed that level I would most likely just add a dread knight simple to have a excuse to finish the conversion I started and put it on the table.


  1. Interesting. Certainly not your normal GK list. One thing I don't see is any air defense and while I like him I think Marbo is a points sink, situational at best Imao.

    1. I didn't realize you commented sorry Monger! Life is busy lol. The list was designed to ignore flyers and for hte most part in testing it actually worked better than I thought and is fun to play.. However... Sadly.. The CSM match up is sooooo bad I won't be playing the list most likely. The Dragon's with the flamers just eat this list up in testing it is a really rough match match up... Marbo did fine not amazing but fine, plus he was really good at getting line breaker lol.


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