Monday, November 26, 2012

Flyers in 6th pt 2 - Quick summary of planes

Ok we gave a short introduction last time about flyers, let's go over the most common seen flyers really quick so you have an idea what to expect if you aren't already running into several of these across the table from you. Just a quick run down of the units that we see most often.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crusade of Fire - Advanced order

Newly up released items from Games Work shop are up on advanced order and one of them is a expansion called Crusade of Fire, as well as the fortifications we have seen bouncing around the news sites, and rumor mill. Let's take a quick look.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Forge World - MOURNGUL Release

Forge world New's letter dropped with something interesting, new, and not Heresy era related. Let's take a look at this fantastic model that is just screaming for conversions or uses in a Chaos army.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flyers in 6th pt 1 - A introduction

If you have played a dozen or more games at this point of 6th edition you know that Flyers are a new dynamic that has to be considered both on the battle field and when list building. The flyer has really changed up the game in terms of balance and mobility. Let's talk a moment about this concept.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adepticon 2013

As we get back into a regular couple of posts a week let's kick things off with a Adepticon post. Adepticon is basically the Super Bowl for this hobby. I would think its safe to say that the event is basically the level other large GT's had been shooting toward when they formed. A several day convention surrounded by other like minded gamer type people. If you have never been than you are missing out. The event has tournaments for all kinds of game systems depending on what your flavor is. The event has classes for all aspects of the hobby, not to mention a vendor hall with lot's of big names from the hobby scene on site. To also include Black Library, third party bitz makers, several miniature companies, and carry case companies. The weekend also has demo's and free swag, as well as special deals going on the entire time. The evening are usually filled with throwing back some tasty beverages with friends both old and new. With trips to the Strip club, and twisted kilt thrown in for good measure.

Friday, November 9, 2012

GK DreadNaught Complete

Only in the darkest of times are the Dreadnaughts of the Grey Knights chapter awoken by the Master Armourers. Silently they slumber in the Chapter's chamber of hero's until they are called upon to serve once more upon a battle field so far from salvation that the wisdom, experience, and undying will are needed once more. The Dreadnaught is a wealth of combat experience and is easily able to adapt to any needed battle field role from long range support, to spearheading assaults, and it not uncommon for a Dreadnaught of the Grey Knight order to assume command of detachments allowing the Brother Captain to focus his attention else where.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Read up, To keep up. (Contest stuff)

Devil's Night is now behind us, and the Holidays are fast approaching. So much madness surrounds our journey as we get closer to rapping up 2012. I have let this blog take a back seat while I worked projects but I actually have several things I want to start talking about here. 

First off we just finished up the 12 days of chaos, a quick first impression and review of the new Chaos codex over at the Standard Template Construct. If you haven't checked it out I recommend doing so. We have gotten great feedback from several people about the series. 

To wrap up the 12 day long series we are also hosting a contest allowing people to win a couple 50 dollar secret weapon Miniatures gift certs. The contest details can be found here

On the same note The Chaos Manifesto is running a Contest giving away prizes for new followers which you can check out here

Also on things that should be on your radar the Indy Open for March of next year is already selling tickets. The event caps out at 64 I believe so tickets tend to go fast. If you are in the area I would check it out it's a newer GT and the people I know that went last year all spoke highly of the event. I plan on attending in fact I already purchased my ticket. Link action here for more details

Also fastly approaching is the Nov 12th date that Adepticon 2013 sales will begin. All events at adepticon sell out extremely fast. Last year I think the championship was sold out in days and by 2 weeks there was slim pickings for any events over all. If you area planning to go or throw down at the team event you may want to talk about it with your boys sooner than later to do some planning. I sadly won't be able to go this year. I was there the last two years and it's one of my favorite events. 

Finally Expect more 6th edition content here. I am not going to lie 6th is a strange beast to me. It is much different than 5th even though it appears to not be too far off at first glance. The reality is the first time your 5th edition list runs into a true 6th edition list, the lesson will be painful. I have been play testing all kinds of random builds and experimenting to try and get a bit of a grasp on what I like and don't like as a player. Honestly though while I am finding builds that work, I am finding that I haven't found to many builds I enjoy playing in the new edition just yet. Allies has really changed the game, and several units are just vastly different from what they where before. If you run Razor Spam for example, the first time you run into a flyer heavy list it's almost a auto loss. 

I'll be talking a bit about 6th edition in a little more detail over the next few weeks as I continue to test out concepts and list builds and as always you are welcome along the journey. I will start talking about flyers and how they have changed the game when it comes to the concept of balanced army. (if there still is such a thing)

That's all for now.. 
Drkmorals Out. 

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