Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chaos Codex Review Day One

As you are all aware the evil has been reborn with new shiny, new sickly, and new reasons to get blood for the blood god. The Chaos Codex is floating about out there among you, and is being whispered about all around you. A couple of the members of the Construct have formed together to bring you a review with some quick thoughts. Over the next 12 days you will be able to stop by and get POV's on the initial thoughts on all the units in the book by more than one source, as the 12 days of chaos unfold before you with thoughts and idea's of a evil nature.

All are welcome so feel free to enlist your buddies to stop by the church of evil playing out for the next few weeks. We always welcome thoughts, comments, or feedback of any kind. If you feel the need to lurk in the shadows silently gathering your numbers and awaiting the right time to strike. We highly encourage that as well. I'll drop links to the content here as well as we take this journey.

So please join us  for Twelve Days of Chaos

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