Thursday, August 16, 2012

When do you upgrade?

As I tinker, build, and madly create in the lab. All to further the never ending war that is warhammer 40k. Through experimentation and the loss of many lives in the name of SCIENCE I have made several great discovery’s over the last few years.. or what I am trying to say is apparently practice makes you better at modeling and painting. Who would have thought?

So as I have reached this cross roads in my hobby life, I wonder what is the normal response of what to do with my stuff? I figure I have a few options…


Clearly everything plastic crack related is as good as gold, and once you have gained these things you cannot part with them. So I should just give up the fight and pick a closet and assume I will fill it up at some point and allow it to slowly consume my basement before I admit I have a problem. I will randomly of course organize this ever growing pile of plastic war to appease my wife on a semi regular basis. I can also keep a random tally of my points for every army and proudly tell people how many points I have of each army like odd trophies on the playstation network.

The GLASS case of…DOOM

I could clearly display my models as a vast timeline of my progress in the hobby, like an antique store through time. Retiring models once I replace them to collect dust in this case and never have to worry about dice falling into them or being damaged in route to a event again. When people come over I can clearly point out how I was totally playing X codex before it was written by Matt Ward and not a band wagon jumper with my display of older models with dust as proof.

ONLY the THEME matters…

I could clearly pick a theme for each army project from now on and rebuild older armies as such. Anything that won’t fit the theme becomes fodder for the bitz boxes to be filed in case of need for future themes. Making sure to take it to the extreme of course like pirate or underwater orks, or Disco Tau’s, perhaps only building armies that are pre heresy. With the new rules I can clearly CREATe PRE heresy underwater orks, allied with disco Tau’s and even have sky landing pad that is a flooded disco hall.

I could keep making these up for some time but really the question I am wondering is what do other people normally do? Do you start rebuilding an army a unit at a time? Do you strip and redo models or is it more normal to buy new and start each unit fresh? Is it just easier to sell off an entire army and start fresh? Do you just put armies on a shelf because you might want to play them again later? Choices.. choices… 


  1. I've never stripped and redone an army; though I have sold several armies only to eventually repurchase very similar ones when new models came out years later.

    Whatever you decide to go with--I must support the idea of "pre-heresy underwater orks!"

    1. It's funny you say that because since I wrote this out, I have been tossing around idea's on how you could realistically pull that off. lol


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