Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates from my workbench: Ep 2 - Wiring upgrade

Currently I have been slaving away in my lab on my GK army. I already pressed out molds for all the vehicles and have done work on the dreads. However I am waiting for some bitz to redo part of the dreads because I was unhappy with sections of the model and think they could look better, in the meantime I had two perfect excuses to do some other modifications I had been thinking about for some time... Join me in the lab for a quick peek, but don't feed anything or let anything out of its cage... I don't care what it says..

First up is an INQ Malleus, but really its an excuse to use the boarding marine from Forge World. =P

I have had this model put together for some time but no real reason for it ever to see the tabletop. I admit I bought it strictly because it looked cool while I was at Adepticon the first year they had it. With a couple really easy changes it can easily be a INQ Malleus and could also join a terminator unit if I wanted as a normal terminator.

I have fielded the model with a cannon several times with good success he is a cheap cannon and adds stubborn to unit which can be handy in a henchmen build.

I cut the mohawk thing from his helmet I didn't think it fit in with the model. I also attached a psycannon to his arm. I worked out several ways to attach the cannon but after looking at the other GK models it seemed there wasn't the need for a harness or straps of any kind it appears they just attach everything directly to the armor. So to keep theme I did the same... 

I did add some cables from the cannon to the marines backpack because, you can always have more cables in the future right? ...what do you mean everything is wifi and cable free pffft... Wifi is clearly heresy and cables are the way of the Emperor.

The base is a Sciber base I am going to be adding them through out the army on key models and on the Justicars.

The second thing I have been working on is a dreadknight conversion.

I am not overly fond of the marine on the front, while not horrible it just isn't amazing either. Since I play a henchmen style army most the time I decided it was a great time to use the sister from the penitent Engine and wire the girl into the model. I assume Coteaz has access to many tech marines, and priests so I wanted the model to look like she was hacked into the thing, More of a steam punk like job of necessity, a combination of the two engines.. So I wanted lots of cables. I also wanted to add a head to the unit. A secure place to really make it look like a robot and for all the visual information to be taken from and fed into the wired in sister. 

When I positioned it I made the model lunging or leaning forward because I see so many of these models very static so I wanted to get away from that as well. You would be surprised how taking any model and giving it a less static position can really change the model. Something to keep in mind when planning your projects. 

I added lots of cabling to show the wiring of the head and also several cables strung about the model to show the harness being integrated into the Dread Knight model. I could have done the cable and several ways but I went old school and used Guitar string. It took longer to do it this way than to mold Green stuff or use plastic cables but I feel the final result is really solid. 

The model isn't complete I still have some clean up to do, I have some small plates to add to it as well as some chain I want to work into the model. Over all though I think it is going to turn out well and fit the theme of the army greatly.

I will be posting more of the army as the models are completed as well. I just finished Coteaz this week and you can see his quick post I did on him here. I will be posting some DCA and I just about have the INQ Model above done with the painting stage so stay tuned!!

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