Friday, August 17, 2012

New Chaos Models!! Leak of starter set.

It's Friday which by itself is an excuse to drink and party with the ladies. However these awesome new pictures are already making the rounds online only to further cement in that the rumors of releases are looking spot on.. Chaos is looming, and I don't mean that your children are playing with playdoe while drinking kool aide in the living room on your new White carpet.. I mean we appear to actually be getting a Codex for them after what seems like forever..Let's take a look at the leak... 

Do you see these Chosen models!! Great upgrade from what the current line is.. THe detail is very good and on par with the direction GW has been going!! I can only hope that the rules match up with these so they see table top play!!!

The cultist is very much more Traitor Guard than I was thinking they would be, however with IG allies now available this is going to be a great option for Traitor IG without all the conversion needed.

This guy is pretty cool looking but from this small picture almost looks like he belongs in the fantasy line. Chaos tends to blurr that line from time to time I mean look at the entire demon codex. None the less a great looking model though.. Ironically that GIANT sword is most likely only AP3...=P

Company master, over sized iconography CHECK.. I wish this model wasn't slightly blurry I bet the detail on it is amazing... I can almost see my Dark Angels buddies drooling to get these... 

This is a Dark Angels Libby which is also awesome sauce. He very much has his own feel instead of how the GK and Marine Libbies seem like they are conversions of the same model to me. 

Over all these are very good looking models and seem overly detailed for a starter set? I wonder if these are snap together like Black Reach? Either way again as a modelling company I am personally very pleased with the direction they are going. Also shout out to Apoc 40k which is were I think all these pictures started from.. Great NEWS post guys!!! Now let's just hope the new rules rumors for DA aren't overly spot on but still coming.. and that the new CHAOS rumors are pretty spot on!!! =P

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  1. very, very much agreed. I need to magically make alot of money very fast, because if this box is really this awesome I may have to buy more than one or seven. I mean, WOW starter set models!


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