Monday, August 13, 2012

Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz

All forces need a leader, a warlord, or a warmaster. It was to Coteaz fluff that I was initially drawn when I read the GK codex and decided that as I started my first imperial army I would start with a Coteaz force. Who better to lead the marines that tend to kill off those they ally with to keep secrets than someone else just as driven to get results..   The ends justify the means can be heard under the breath of several of those under the Inquisitors command, but more often you will here that it is better to die than to have to admit failure in a task to Lord Coteaz.

Inquisitor Coteaz, High Protector of the Formosa sector, where Coteaz himself commands a vast army and array of secret forces. Many have sworn oaths to Coteaz and in any gathering of three citizens it's said that two of them work for the Inquisitor. All whispers lead back to Coteaz as he tirelessly hunts heresy and demon's in all forms.  His control of information and power in the area of the Formosa sector is vast and not to be under estimated. Recently his empire is expanding past his normal reaches as he searches to further his un ending thirst for striking down Chaos powers from the realm. As well as his hunt for methods to extend his own life span so that he may finish his work...

"You know not my true reach and influence"

When Painting the model I had already decided the color scheme of the army and the red is very important. it really draws the army together as a whole when they are all deployed giving it that cohesive feel even though not all the units are the same type models. At least that is the idea lol. Something I thought would be important for a henchmen style army. I think the model turned out well.

Rules wise Coteaz has seen slight shift from 5th edition, to 6th. He was the king of cheap transports and troops before however with the new edition cover saves took a slight hit, and people are shying away from vehicles. Something I think is a little early to shy away from. I think your going to find at the very least you're going to want a hybrid force in our new world of balance. Pure foot lists are going to suffer from alpha strike and bad match up issues I would think. (further testing will be needed) Vehicles lost a step but didn't lose value they still are very solid choices only with a different role than they played in 5th for some of them and it could be argued that tanks actually got a bit of a boost with results from damage shifting and the ability to snap shot. However that is a article for another time I am getting off topic. We are talking about some of the hits Coteaz took in the new edition, I want to point out that while he also took a hit on his troop unlocking ability and transports not being as good as before he also took a little hit on sanctuary. Not huge but a little, it was nice to get those random wounds that you could only inv save against which is now gone. However it still has the ability to force you to move through terrain annoying units that lack grenades.

However you won't ever see sanctuary any longer any way because on of the new pro's he got was that he now is a cheap libby basically. He gets two powers off the chart instead of his normal set of abilities which is a pretty good deal for his cost. Divination is a fantastic skill set for the GK army. (although I am unclear if he retains hammerhand like the libby does or not) Also having a 2plus save in this edition means he is a bit harder to take down in combat due to ap value on weapons. You still get his great reroll ability for sieze as well. So honestly he is still a very solid HQ in the book for a mere 100 points.

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