Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will NOVA set the BAR?

As we head into our new edition there has been cries of the sky falling as people argue over allies, 2 FOC’s, fortifications, and the random objectives/terrain. People are picking a side and standing firm on what you should be allowed and not allowed to take in an event of various types.

Nova is one of the first large established GT’s to go into 6th edition so they had to make some calls that may or may not last the test of time. I understand that they have time constraint so they had to make choices if for nothing else to have a standard. However Nova is one of those events that will sway other events going forward. So I have been waiting to see what exactly they decided.

Some notes


The terrain now has a placement guide which is cool and I was wondering if they would go with all area being 4plus or if they would all be different via the new rules. They sided that Ruins are 4plus with tLOS blocking and area being 5plus pretty much exactly in line with the rule set.  I really like this, however honestly I tend to favor playing the rules and the game as written whenever possible.

Dual FOC

This one is interesting people are crying broken before they have honestly had a chance to test it fully. Nova decided to go on the side of Caution and basically dodge this issue all together. They are saying you can bring 1999 point army and then you are allowed to go over by one point. (I would have said 3 and kept the joke alive)

This basically dodges the issue and leaves no real argument for people to complain about on either side. I was wondering if they would just not allow 2 FOC which is what several local events are looking to do or if they would just go with a lower points level especially since it’s a new rules set. Could have played 1850 perhaps? This isn’t good or bad and I understand why they would have gone this route. I would like to see events run dual FOC to see if the meta is utterly broken or not. I am starting to think people are so gun shy or worried that we are going to avoid this as a community. Again I am not saying its broken or not broken would just like to see it tested further.


Nova went the way I think we will see everyone go. WYSIWYG period there won’t be much wiggle room for counts as when it comes to the power weapons because of how this rule reads in the new rules now. Also you need to list ON YOUR ARMY LIST what the models have. NICE touch and something I hope all events do in the future.


Nova is allowing Fortification but with limitations. They aren’t allowing Skyshield landing platform, or the fortress of redemption; also you cannot place fortifications over and terrain already in place.  I don’t think you should get to pick and choose honestly. I really think this is a all or nothing type issue and don’t like they have decided that some of them are broken but others are ok. This seems like a knee jerk that again several local locations are going with. I feel they are good until the meta shifts but not sure there is a reason to limit them at events.

Mysterious Objectives

These are out, and given it’s a tourney I can see how you wouldn’t want these random game changing elements to be in the event. The majority of tourney players I talk to hate these, and I have yet to speak to someone running or about to run an event that is planning on allowing these in. I don't see a issue with maybe allowing these in one mission perhaps but again in general Tourneys of a competitive nature tend to shy away from anything random. I like to see players adjust and think on the fly but to be fair this could give one person a random leg up. So I understand completely not including these. 


Running a tourney you have two real goals I think. Making a level battle field for all the area’s you control terrain on board, pairings done correctly, and missions.(Being on time is nice when it happens) I am of the mindset that for the most part the rules are the rules and should be allowed as much as possible. I always fear the line between trying to change the game  limiting things that put you in the game designing chair to try to make a fairer environment and becoming a COMP event. I am not a fan of COMP but I think it’s a result of the second goal of a tourney organizer which is you have to run an event that caters to everyone. If only the top 10 players at your event have fun, and walk away with prizes while getting praise I feel you have failed as an organizer. We do have a responsibility to our community and to help promote and grow our hobby. We should be encouraging everyone involved to have fun, give them a reason to want to do better, via painting or competing, and to want to come back to events you run.

While I don’t totally agree with all the choices Mike has made with his iron gavel and VOX caster. I do understand and give Mike the benefit of the doubt. If you have never met him he is a great guy and puts great effort into his event and running it correctly/fairly for all involved. I hope he realizes at this point that some choices he makes will influence the RTT scene though. I already localy hear that NOVA is doing this or has decided to do that when discussing how to rule things in events. 

I have some more notes on the NOVA and rulings with the new edition when I have a bit more time to rant. I would also be interested to hear anyone's point of view on any of these issues as a organizer or as someone that just enjoys going to events. 


  1. Quick note - the ONLY reason for excluding Skyshield/Fortress is the logistics of people placing them on a pre-terrained board, and also the issue of not wanting folks removing our lovingly crafted terrain and throwing it around even more than already is done (hell, part of the benefit of everyone having a sideboard this year is that they won't have to shove the terrain around to put their stuff down).

    Dual FOC may change in time, honestly, but coupled w/ the rules making it illegal at 1999 yet somehow suddenly legal at 2000 (1 point more), and coupled w/ the short time people have to build new armies / buy new models / etc., we went with 1999 to avoid the argument altogether this year, coupling in the actual BRB ruling that says you can go over by a couple points.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and clearing that up Mike. I haven't been tracking anything on the forums this year or too much online given my schedule as of late. So I was unaware if the reason for excluding the terrain was already made public. I was simply thinking out loud on what I read in the packet. I like the all or nothing approach for the most part, but understand and more importantly respect the choice you made.

      I eagerly await results from your event and am sad I won't be able to make this year because of prior engagements. I was there last year and had a blast as I told you at Adepticon when I ran into you. The amount of work and effort you put into the event is appreciated and noted by myself and several others that I game with.

      My review is more of to speak my mind and to again make it clear that your actions have a ripple effect on the tourney scene. I am sure you know that at this point though. I just want to try to be a gentle reminder. =P

  2. Good review C. I have to say I agree with most of this. My personal feelings on the fortifications deal is mixed. The defence line with AA upgrades should be included, not sure on the others as this adds a building to the set of excisting board terrain and I can see abuses. The defence line is going to be needed by some just for the AA defence.

    1. I agree that people might be lacking anti air, just not sure I agree with the pick and choose method. I feel almost like its the same as saying X codex can't bring this unit its too cheesy.. I like the game as written for the most part is all.

      Again though its a matter of needing more testing we are all still learning at this point. I will continue to be the voice of trying to get everyone to at least try things before ruling them out is honestly my main goal(avoiding the knee jerk reactions) both locally and any place else people will listen. =)

  3. I think that this sounds like a fairly good compromise for an event coming so hard on the heels of 6th.

    I'd hope that other events, and next year's Nova, would go ahead and run 2000 as written. I'm definitely sympathetic to the problem of trying to get the Skyshield and Fortress of Redemption on a standardized, pre-built table. Perhaps allow replacing one terrain piece, thus limiting terrain distribution as per the (nominally) randomized table, but granting enough space to get it to fit?

    I agree that indicating power weapon types on your list is a nice touch and good for nipping shenanigans and/or confusion in the bud.

    For mysterious objectives, perhaps pre-determining the objective types for the whole tournament on one mission (and you could even discard the detrimental ones, if you liked), and then matching them to numbered objectives would be a sufficient compromise to standardize the mission across different tables?

  4. Not being a NOVA goer, opinions with a grain of salt, but I'd be concerned with any tourney running terrain (or other rules) not in line with the core books.

    So far, I'm not feeling that 2 FOC kill the meta really, though some ludicrous combos can be found.

    Finally, the idea of boxing out fortifications because the terrain is pre-set bothers me. Fortifications are supposed to be first thing on the table, then terrain. I get that, at a tourney, that isn't really logistically possible, but I suppose in that case I'd either nix forts all together, or pre-place them on the table. Then, run them as dilapidated, but no forts in army lists. This way, players can still benefit from the fortifications, but no placement or selection issues.

  5. Except one of the major draws to fortifications in the first place is their emplacements, DFK!. While the AV14 on the bastion can be nice to hide stray bodies in, particularly in Purge the Alien, that's not why I pay 125 points for it.

    Besides, AV12? I can do nearly as good in my own transports. :P


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