Friday, July 20, 2012

Who the $%&# is Drkmorals?

<Re-post from STC where I guest write, all guest articles will always be reposted here with a delay from other sites so you don't have to jump around to follow my content. Also to keep a record of things I wrote>

Greetings fellow Xenos and Inquisitors, hobbyist and competitive gamer's, Strippers and Frat boys.. (What ? Strippers might be reading this they are people too)

My name is Charles AKA Drkmorals My stomping grounds are currently Dayton Ohio or as I like to call it the land of corn and never ending road construction. I started really tinkering with this gateway drug that GW calls a game around the end of 4th edition. The edition if I remember right in which every vehicle was a flaming metal box of doom for the people riding inside. I started getting more serious about the game and more involved though about 3 years back and will admit I have been for the most part more of a competitive gamer than a hobbyist.. Don't judge me we all start someplace right?

You can find my trail of picture heavy nonsense content a few places. I have a personal blog with some local information as well as rantings, notes, metaphors, and bad jokes also a few skilled guest authors who pop in from time to time if you wish to follow my stuff that doesn't end up here.

I also was a guest writer on FTW helping Ron out with a bi weekly blog roll spotlight post that was a lot of fun. That was until the gremlins that run and hide in blogger made the blog rolls into a growing monster that could no longer be managed and they ended up coming down. Which is a sad day for the community losing FTW as a Hub of linkage awesome.

I was a guest writer for a bit over on MWC as well and always enjoy the chance to drop a article or two to a larger audience. I won't link there since most of my content there is also on my personal site. 

I own three armies currently and started with orks like several people seem to do. What I am saying is I clearly own several unpainted ork boys, but come on.. who doesn't right? 

This was actually at my first Tourney event ever.
How many of you have a picture of that? 

My second army was demons as I got more into playing in local and larger scenes, and I again was playing around with concepts and mod ideas as you can see from my Grinders and models below.

The locals call her the boobie grinder.. which sounds more
like a movie you hid under you bed in high school.

Yeah that was me running 6 Grinders but I only own 3 of them..=P

Playing around with skin tone and aging metal painting.

I am currently working on GK's as you can see. Updates of my army as it becomes complete will be the subject of future articles both here and my personal site I am sure. 

I like most of you who tinker and madly experiment tend to lose focus.  So I have projects unfinished. I can be easily distracted by new models, idea's, girls, tactical concepts, girls, ummm anything shiny? For example the Battle wagon above is actually still primer black, being happy with the conversion I never went back and painted the thing lol. My drive is normally finishing whatever project or unit I want to test or use in a upcoming event. However my current goal is to finish my GK's so can go back and redo some of my other units in my other armies with the mad skillz I have picked up along the way on my path of trial and error.

I have been invited here, to be a member of the gathering of seven. We seven have gathered out of respect of the hobby, and each other. (some compromising pictures in my possession may or may not of influenced my getting selected) 

 I'll be dropping in here from time to time to post updates on things I am working on as well as rumor commentary, tactical thoughts, random pictures, as well as some better pictures of project past and new. I will prob also comment on local events and I promise to do my best not to just randomly spam you with pictures of scantily clad girls semi related to whatever I am rambling on about.

Actually 40k related, a drawing not a picture, and fully dressed.
Plus only one in the whole article not bad right? Semi on topic and
I tend to try to go to a couple large events as well so I'll drop some info from those and will gladly hang out with any one if you are there as well. (Adepticon perhaps?)

 I invite you to come back, enjoy the content of the seven sins as we gather and construct Please follow me down the rabbit hole. 
I do make a good cup of tea. 

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