Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Emperor's Chosen 04

The Emperor's Chosen is about highlighting some of the great content that fellow bloggers post online. Everyone's life can be a little hectic from time to time to have caught everything posted. Plus there is honestly a ton of content released every week. So here are a few great posts in case you missed them.

I am still trying to figure out how often to post these every week seems a little too often perhaps bi weekly would be best or Maybe I should just shoot for two of these a month.. hmmmm In the meantime enjoy.

Eye of Error
Mariners Blight Daemon Prince K'thul-hu
-Ron over on Eye of terror cannot stop producing evil hits! I don't mean he is a producer for Justin Bieber (although I guess he might be I never asked) I mean he always pushes his hobby projects to the next level. His newest army is no different with a underwater love craft theme going on. Check out his new Demon Prince as a great example, I warn you though it is easy to get lost in his realm once there, trapped by ever amusing things of evil beauty as you scan his articles.

Green Stuff Industries

Quick and Dirty Water Stain Weathering
-A site that has been on my radar more and more often, these Industries that produce Green stuff tends to have some interesting content on the site more often than not. What we have here is a great quick run down of a simple weathering trick that you can use to make some of your models pop a bit more. You could also just leave your models out and attempt dirty water weathering the old fashion way, but this is much faster.

Miniature Tim

Josef Bugman - Painting Progress
-I have a soft spot for girls dressed sexay, shiny things, and in progress posts. As someone who is constantly improving its nice to see others progress and steps. Sometimes just seeing the amazing final result isn't as cool as the steps along the way, where I can feel the others persons pain and blood each little bit done. Tim is making great progress on this little dwarf man and I look forward to seeing the next update.

Best Overall
Here's to You, Nikephoros - Making Sense of the New Hull Points Maths
-Do you like Math? Yeah I don't like it either... Odd we play a dice game huh? Anyway Purg appears to LOVE MATH,,( and possibly SinnSynn) or if he doesn't he does for the purpose of this quick blurb. He breaks down some nice thoughts on killing a LR in the new rules as well as some good "linkage action" to some tools you can use to cheat at math which is much better than actually doing it if you have a choice.
Good read and some good things to consider in the new rules. At least to me since I tend to also like the competitive side of the hobby. (Although would it kill you to throw one amusing or distracting picture in there man? Even my math book had more pictures lol)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Drkmorals! I'm glad you find the blog interesting now and again!


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