Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Standard Template Construct….

Despite reports I yet live…..

Haven’t had near the hobby or blog time I would like. I have been super busy with all kinds of things including real life and side projects. (Who knew that having a third child would eat up so much time? Baby technology hasn’t advanced much you still have to feed and help the little things do everything? )

Starting to work on a new project which I hope will be great for the community; we have a group of talented guys getting together and heading up a new blog to focus on doing some cool positive and inspiring stuff for the community. I encourage you guys to head over and check it out, keep an eye on it, and even “follow” the site as it grows.

The big news is all the 6th edition rules stuff. I have tons of things to say about the rules; the combo’s the army lists. I will say that over all I am excited about the new rules and enjoy them. I have been trying not to dive right into them since this Friday I have my last 5th edition event. Buckeye Battles which is a local event here in Ohio. (I think more fantasy than 40k) If you are going I’ll see you there. After that I’ll be able to chatty a bit more about 6th edition rules and questions… There are a ton of 6th edition things that I haven’t cleared up just yet.. For example..

The first thing that jumped at me that I could say one way or another is that if I can put my combat squaded unit in the same vehicle does that mean

The squad can each shoot at a different target using the fire points?

Do I have to split the fire points like one for this squad one for that or both get to use both fire points?

Initially I would say I can put a 10 man purifier squad in a chimera, combat squad them, and basically be allowed to shoot all 10 if I wanted? I could even shoot at two different targets just like if they are in a diff long as I shoot one squad at a time …

Just lots of little things like that I think that are going to be the T.O’s call or end up in a INAT or NOVA FAQ at some point.

Anyway enough of that for now I have a Strike Squad to finish painting, and a few articles to start putting together. I’ll do my best to grab some pictures while at Buckeye battles this weekend to share with you all as well. I will also get a bio post up on the new site... AGAIN go check out the new site should be cool stuff coming down the pipe. 

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